Welcome to “Lara’s Weigh Down” Weight Loss Journey!

Disclaimer: Any of the diets, tips, tricks, suggestions, websites, stores, ok you name it, mentioned in this blog are for resource purposes only. I am not recommending or affiliated with any of them – they are just what has worked for me. PLEASE make sure to see a doctor before beginning any weight loss regime, especially if you have any medical conditions that might be an issue. Also good to see a doctor first for blood work to give you a good baseline.

This is Day 1! (At least for this little blog!)

You’re Probably Wondering: Why should I waste my time reading this blog??

Answer: So you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made and learn from what’s worked! Also the tips, suggestions, podcast and website info will give you additional tools to tailor “your own journey”. Nothing is really a “one size fits all” so cut and paste!

Our goal – lose it and KEEP IT OFF!!

Why the Journey?

After most of life as a slim 5′ 9″ frame hovering between 145-155, I ballooned to a morbidly obese 278 over a period of about 10 years after being diagonosed with a mood disorder and going on psych meds. I lost 50 pounds of it on WW in 2009, only to regain it all plus another 20 in 2010. Here’s where the weight came from:

  • psych medication that makes it easy to gain, almost impossible to lose
  • overeating all the WRONG types of food, i.e. if it tastes really good, it’s probably REALLY unhealthy! (Although not always…)
  • not moving! the heavier I got, the more it hurt to get out of bed, walk, even bend over, so became a chronic “couch potato”
  • avoiding the scale, not buying new clothes, and not really looking at myself in the mirror
  • the depression cycle – the more depressed I became, the more I ate

Why and How Did I Start?

After almost passing out from looking at 2010 holiday party pictures, I realized the person I thought I was looking at in the mirror WAS A LIE! I had avoided the scale for almost a year and when I stepped on, burst into tears. That was, as they say, the tipping point.

I had stopped buying clothes because a size 28 SUCKS and know that many of you also couldn’t face going into the plus size stores or that dreaded section in your local … store. The selection stinks, the clothes are monotonous (i.e. all look the same), and those dressing room mirrors are just plain scary!

In April 2010, after a trip to see family and friends in Vermont, a friend turned my partner and I on to the “17 Day Diet” book by Dr. Mike  Moreno. We were skeptical but she explained it and her success so we bought the book and that was the beginning of our journey.

Daily Parting Thoughts…

So what have you gained in the last 5-10 minutes? A brief history lesson about my weight gain journey, my personal “reality slap”, and the diet that started us back on the way to better health and fitness. Come back tomorrow to either find out or commiserate with how being morbidly obese FEELS like and learn how the “17 Day Diet” was a successful kick start for my spouse and myself – lost the first 35 pounds on it – and if it might help you as well. Will see you then!


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