Day 3: On the Rebound

Starting Point:  274 pounds, Goal Weight:    160, Today’s Weigh In:  226.4

Day 3 – What’s the challenge this week??

My first big goal was 50 pounds and I was able to achieve that in 6 months, BUT THEN, between the challenge of a weeklong cycle from trying to cut the dose of Xanax that I take, with the eventual goal of getting off this Benzo completely. I FAILED!  Started going into withdrawal, had to move the dose back up, and spent a week cycling from depression to agitation and anxious. And to feed the discomfort, I ate, on one day: 1/2 small chocolate cake, 1/2 container sea salt caramel gelato, and a large plate of Stouffer’s original Mac and Cheese.

In one day I gained almost 4 pounds – there went the 1st goal weight – and felt like a complete loser!

But this is when the opportunity presents itself. When you gain – do you give up and start overeating and toss your fitness goals out the window, even for a short while?

– OR –

Do you give yourself a break and follow the “one step back, 2 steps forward”? So, you’ve stepped back a pace, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! Take a minute and think about why you may have stepped back and do a bit of brainstorming to think of a few very small steps that will help you get back on track. Grit your teeth and use those steps to get back on your eating program/fitness and before you know it you’ll be 2 steps forward, making up your gain, starting to lose again, and feeling much better about yourself.

Today’s lesson: When you have a day/week that you’ve plateaued or gained, practice the “1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward” Rule!

Today’s Tip: Rev up your metabolism for the day – spend just 10 minutes in the morning doing a bit of yoga, a short walk, or dancing to a song on your bedroom clock radio.


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