Being “Triggered” -Plus- BP Magazine “Pound Advice” Advice

Start Weight:                274.8

Goal Weight:                 160 pounds

Today’s Weigh In:       225.2 (.6 gain!! Why, weight fluctuates day to day plus late night celery with peanut butter-too late!)

Still To Go:                     65.2 (tiny gain, normal fluctuation and late night snack!)


Being “Triggered” By This Blog:


Probably the most important lesson learned for us with mood disorders is our “Triggers”, what thoughts, activities, ideas, interactions, etc. that can start a cycle. If you have been diagnosed and dealing with your disorder for any length of time, you may have an idea of some – or all – of yours.

Please – if you are reading this blog and begin to feel those initial warning signs – STOP!!

Today may not be the day to read this, but if the topics discussed in this blog trigger you, well I will miss you – but STOP reading it!! (At least until you can read it without being triggered.)

Latest BP Magazine “Pound Advice” Article Is Inspring and Great Advice!:

If you’re not familiar with it, “BP Magazine” is one of the consumer (your and me!) centered standards in the Bipolar world. The articles are informative and help you keep up to date with research and development as well as offering support. The latest issue addressed med-related weight loss in the article “Pound Advice”. You can read an excerpt from the article at:

Quick “e-bite”: Notes that in addition to medication management, “getting moods under control through treatment may be a prerequisite to getting eating under control.” One individual took it a step further “Making progress in all areas of my life and not listening to negative thinking will be my biggest diet pill.”

The article notes that regarding set-backs, another wrote “Keeping health and other physical measures such as energy level and stamina as my focus motivates me to maintain positive changes when I fail to lose weight.”

And, as we’ve already discussed, sometimes overall health is as important as weight loss which means giving your body a break from weight fluctuations and yo-yo dieting. If adopting the “Health At Every Size”, where your weight may not be exactly what you’d prefer, the bottom line is that you are healthy and your mood is typically stable. From the article, the best advice is: “It’s not always best to be at your “ideal” weight. It’s best to be healthy and happy.”

Today’s Lesson: Well said: “It’s not always best to be at your “ideal” weight. It’s best to be healthy and happy.”

And we talked about weight fluctuations and keeping perspective. So should you weigh every day or once a week? Because weight does fluctuate from day to day, if the daily changes are a trigger for you, you may want to weigh the same day, around same time weekly (usually first in am, after your bathroom break) may be a healthier choice for you.

Today’s Tip: When you’re not feeling your best, try “The 5 Minute Rule” – do just 5 minutes of light exercise. This can include stretching, light yoga, some easy push ups and crunches, anything you feel capable of.  As you feel better, take a page from the wonderful “FlyLady” at (she also has a free iTunes podcast!!) and try “15 minutes of loving movement” each day, or as much as you can. That can be cleaning, dancing to your favorite tunes, a short walk, again light yoga, or whatever catches your fancy!


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