“Chunking” – No, It’s Not What You Think!!


(Why?? Because weight fluctuates from day to day, a weekly weigh-in is a better picture of how well you’re doing overall – diet + fitness. Am not listing fat info or BMI here but that’s something you may want to keep track of as well.)

Start Weight:                274.8

Goal Weight:                 160 pounds

Today’s Weigh In:       224.6 (.6 loss from yesterday) (50.2 total!)

Still To Go:                     64.6 (lost what I gained from that late night celery/peanut butter snack! This is why we’re going weekly!)


Creating a “Weight Loss Chart” and Let’s Go “Chunking”!

So far we’ve done a lot of preliminary discussion for your weight loss journey. Here is one more prelim and your first long-term tool. These are: 1. creating a basic weight loss measure tool and 2. “chunking”.

1. Creating A Weight Loss Measure Tool:

Tailor yours to your preference and use whatever method works for you. But a few items that are helpful to include in it are: a positive title, your weight loss goal, your starting weight, your incremental weight loss, and a running total. On the incremental, the sky’s the limit. You can use monthly loss with a daily breakdown (optional), specific goals reached, however is most beneficial to you. You can use excel and do charts and graphs if you like! Or Sparkpeople.com has a way to do a nice homepage and a quirky “picture of your progress”. You can even just jot the info down on a piece of paper and put it on the fridge to help you when the “cravings monster” rears it’s ugly head. It’s totally up to you, but make it easy, make it fun, and most of all, keep up with it until you’ve reached your goal – then celebrate!

2. “Chunking”:

What is “chunking”?? It’s taking whatever that NUMBER you are working to lose and breaking it up into smaller, more manageable “chunks”. When I started, I had over 114 pounds to lose – whoa, that’s a number! Those of you reading may have much more or less, but regardless, this will help. To wrap my head around it, I broke the number down into mini “chunks” of 2 pounds per week with a goal of 8 pounds loss per month. That way if the scale scared me one particular day, I could look at my “Weight Loss Chart” and see the progress I had made the previous week. As each goal was achieved, my confidence and willingness to keep going has stayed pretty consistent. Seeing your incremental progress will help keep you motivated!

Now, go one step further. Take those smaller chunks and add them up a bit to create a set of milestones, each with an attached “reward” (non food related if possible!). I used the first 50 pounds, then getting below 200 pounds, then 2 more sets of 20. At 50 pounds, I bought myself a super-sturdy, high end yoga mat and nice bag which not only encourages me to do more yoga regularly, but the mat will last forever so it’s a sound investment. The next milestone reward is a pair of excellent quality sneakers when I get below 200 pounds. It will be an event as I plan to go the local running speciality store and make an afternoon of it! Whatever your milestones/rewards are, they don’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time – just make them special and specific. It’s not hard, you can do this!!

Today’s Tip: A note from my trainer (yes, he’s certified in just about everything and a former EMT) – A heathy way to handle CRAVINGS! without blowing all your hard work for the week in one go:

“The Chocolate and Strawberry Solution”: buy a small block of the best DARK chocolate you can find and a small carton of fresh strawberries. The combination not only has tons of anti-oxidants (lots of studies are showing the benefits of a bit of dark chocolate) but the strawberries are relatively low cal and have a bit of fiber. You’ll get all the satisfaction (Yum!!) without “morning after guilt” from that whole pint of ice cream or big piece of cake.


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