Thanks to “Chunking”, just 3.2 pounds from next “Milestone”!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Weekend!

Very exciting day as the scale showed me at 223.6 today, breaking through the dreaded 224 by a whole pound, and now 3.2 pounds away from next mini-milestone: 220.4! Remember my goal is 160 and we’ve still got a ways to go.

Reward for next milestone: Ross/Marshalls to look at comfortable workout gear that fits – on a budget.

Today’s topic is an excellent site that warms the heart of all us A types out there: Not only does it have a convenient toolbar you can install to quickly note your food intake, activity, amount of water consumed, etc. But the other tools are very easy to use. They let you put in start weight and goal weight and graph it for you, figure out BMI and calorie consumption for weight loss, enter your food to see how that you are eating enough and has a breakdown on amount of carbs, fats, sodium, etc. you need to get in everyday and shows how that meal compares. It will take you about a half hour to set up, add info, and install toolbar. But there are so many other sites like this out there (Sparkpeople is one) and you may already have one you’re looking at. Or maybe you’ve decided to do Weight Watchers meetings or online. Whatever mode you track (remember we talked about a simple journal or excel spreadsheet yesterday), like a mood journal, it will help you keep on track through seeing your progress on the screen, which helps you stay accountable!

Today’s Tip: Did you start your journal, running tally on a piece of paper, or spreadsheet yet? If not, take a look at, or the from above. Maybe they will be “more your style”. Whatever you do, sometime during the weekend is a good time to reflect on the week. Focus on 3 positive actions you’ve taken to reach your weight loss goals, no matter how small. You can write these down for future motivation or just take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You’ve done more than most people do – feel proud! Like the FlyLady says “Baby Steps!”.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to “Chunking”, just 3.2 pounds from next “Milestone”!

  1. Well done on the weight loss! It is always great to see people succeed and all the determination and commitment that goes into it. My first weigh in will be tomorrow, and I am already pretty nervous about it 😉
    Good luck on your weight loss journey.
    Best wishes,


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