Shopping In Your Closet and More!

Motivator of the Week:

Went shopping in my closet this morning and got rid of 5, count ’em, 5 pairs of jeans/pants that are too big! But even better, that expensive (but got on sale) great pair of Gap jeans fits!! It’s a touch snug but not too uncomfortable. First time I’ve been able to wear Gap in I don’t know how many years. What an incredible ego boost!

Shopping In Your Closet:

Ok, maybe we’ll cover some of what you already know/do, but you may learn some new tips/tricks as well.

Hopefully by this time you’ve written or created a basic set of goals or “chunking benchmarks”. And if you’re like me, you have 2 to 3 sets of different size clothes in your closet. After reaching the 3rd or 4th of your benchmarks and your current size is hanging off you – go to your closet and Start Shopping!

Set aside a few hours for this, maybe on a Sunday afternoon, and having a “2nd opinion buddy” can be very helpful. Now, Step 1: take out those clothes that definitely no longer fit you and “bag” them. You may have to try on a few things to double check, but it shouldn’t take too long. Set them aside for donation to a non-profit, a yard sale, consignment (if in nice enough shape) – but get them out of the closet, into bins or large garbage bags and say Good Bye!

Step 2: Now go back to your closet and look for the next size-set of clothes and start shopping. Spend a few hours trying on items and be tough about it-if it’s 10 years out of style, even if it fits-off it goes. Look in the mirror too- if you have a buddy, now’s the time to get a 2nd opinion, and make sure they fit comfortably and look nice on you. Maybe not with your buddy around, but this also applies to bras / undies. Also, bag up any misshapen, old, or from the cleaners hangers. Having nice looking hangers also makes you feel good. This has been your “shopping trip” and it was FREE!!

Step 1 and 2 are crucial because  YOU ARE NEVER GOING BACK TO THAT SIZE AGAIN! Pruning back your wardrobe of items that either don’t fit you or just don’t flatter you is a huge ego boost because what’s left fits, looks great, and you feel like you have a brand new set of clothes without spending a dime. Make sure you drop off the old clothes at a drop-off site or call a local charity to pick them up, or take them to a consignment shop. Or wait and include them in your next garage sale.

But an important question remains – “What do I do if I don’t have any clothes that fit me in my new size?? How do I get new clothes that fit on a budget?” The easy answer is: go thrifting!!! My spouse was in just that boat. She’s not a clothes-horse (hates shopping) so has a limited wardrobe. All her work shirts and a few work pants no longer fit so I created a “thrift day shopping plan”. Looked up all the thrift/consignment shops within about a half hour radius and plotted them out by location, branching outward. Went on a Saturday and kept it to about 5 locations to avoid complete shopping burnout. When you go out, have a plan of the types of items you need/want and new size so when you go into these stores, you can go right to the appropriate areas, sift through pretty quickly, and make the experience fast, easy, and less stressful. Results: 4 new, brand new looking, excellent quality shirts in perfect condition for less than $20. Now that’s budget friendly!

Now, I’m not trying to knock discount stores like Ross or TJMaxx, or sales at higher end/speciality stores like Old Navy. Feel free to check those out as well as you may be surprised by some great deals and seasonal items. What is important is that you’ll probably only be wearing these new items for a limited time so spending a lot of money on clothes you’ll only be donating later is a call you’ll need to make.

Today’s Tip: Get to know your local thrift and consignment stores. Taking a day to look up and scope out your local “budget friendly” stores and taking notes will help you not only during your weight loss journey, but afterward as well. When you go, look for the quality and selection, ask a clerk how often they get in new items, and check consignment rules. We have a Goodwill store in a high-end part of town that carries some brand name designer items, but because it’s right near a college, they’re usually in smaller sizes (2-8). However, a Goodwill less than 5 minutes from our house always seems to have good quality, great condition clothes in our sizes at incredible prices. They also have sales so it’s good to ask. Salvation Army and Thriftko are also famous for “sale days’. You’ll not only save money, but it’s a fun day out with a friend!


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