A Few Additional Resources…

Welcome Back!

Good afternoon- Sorry! – Evening!!! Today we’re going to talk about a few additional resources on-line that will help you a great deal in your weight loss journey – and the best part – THEY’RE FREE! (Boring legal note: not recommending these specifically as there are tons of similar and other sites out there, don’t work for them, don’t receive any compensation for talking about them, etc., etc., etc.. This is to get you started!)

Not only will you be able to track your weight loss easily online you’ll also:

  • keep track of food intake, including finding your ideal calorie intake to meet your goal and tracking it throughout the day and over time
  • find menus and meal planning
  • get fitness tips, tricks, and ideas and track your workouts
  • get motivational ideas to keep you moving ahead
  • read boards with tons of other helpful info
  • meet other inspiring folks who can answer questions, support you, and help you celebrate your successes

All of these sites have some pieces in common, especially the weight tracking, so you may find one you use just for that, but they each have other different areas, options as well. So you may want to take a few minutes to look through them before you decide which one/s will work best for you.

List of Resources:

Calorie Counterhttp://caloriecount.about.com/

  • lets you keep daily log of weight, food, activity and has a handy toolbar to log your progress
  • has an online Community
  • let’s you track foods and has easy menus
  • let’s you track excercise
  • has a ton of great tools
  • supports you with an advice area
  • – AND – it’s mobile, so you can take it with you


This site is great because it targets both men and women’s individual needs with two special areas in the site, right on the main page.  It’s also very comprehensive and has a lot to offer. Worth a good look!

  • has VERY comprehensive set of tools, resources, community – Wow!
  • “Food” area includes weight management, a guide, nutrition, a cool tool called “My Plate”, and a blog – also Mobile
  • “Fitness” has everything from fitness basics, sports and recreation, videos, and a library
  • “Community” contains groups and challenges, forums, dares, and a food tracking map

SparkPeople http://www.sparkpeople.com/

  • Personalized diet & fitness plans
  • Calorie counter,
    workout tracker, exercise demos & videos
  • Answers from our dietitians & trainers on message boards
  • Connect with others like you in our support teams
  • Healthy recipes!

These 3 sites should either get you started or add to what you’ve already looked into or already use. I find the first one to be especially helpful with the toolbar. It keeps me motivated with the pounds lost info and the “Eat Meter” helps me keep on task with meals/calorie intake. But I also love Sparkpeople because I get their daily motivational emails and they have helped me get through many a rough patch with pertinent advice.

Today’s Tip:  Bedtime Gratitude “Top 3”

Winding down after a busy day of work, family, working out, and all the other activities we’re all swamped with can be challenging. The body is tired, but the minds still going! One trick I use is to think about the top 3 things I am grateful for from that day. It always starts with my unbelievably incredibly wife who supports me every day, starting out with a cute note by my am coffee. Then while I’m thinking about all the other things I’m grateful for, I’m asleep before I know it. A daily gratitude practice is one way you keep perspective on the postive areas of your life, especially when it seems that the negative is overwhelming. It keeps me centered and focused on what’s most important to me: the people who I love and who love me, who have supported me even when I was at my lowest and believed in me; that I would be able to pick myself up and move forward. So incredibly grateful to all of you!!!


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