Not sure about Dinner, Budget Tight – new search engine can help!

Sorry this is late today – busy like all of you and had a hard workout. But wanted to get this out as heard about it on “Fit to Fat” iTunes podcast.

So budget tight, got a mish-mash of ingredients in your fridge and pantry, and not sure what to make for dinner? The answer: is a new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with only the ingredients you have at home. You simply enter the ingredients you have on hand and they search the internet for recipes that match and even provide you with reviews from people who have tried them. You can enter exclusions, for example if you don’t have any eggs, and the site will take that into account. It will even suggest other common ingredients after you enter your list so you can take a second look. You can even save any recipes you like. Easy and what a great way to save dinner! Imp note: they don’t have info on allergy info, such as nuts, but you can click on the recipe to go to the website it came from to look up any details like this.

I’ve done this myself for years when money has been tight and done pretty well. And I have a “4 ingredient” cookbook that was a gift from my Aunt Bev and it’s saved dinner many a night. But it’s nice to have an easy website that does the thinking for you and offers suggestions of combinations you (me) may not have thought of.

Today’s Tip:

As part of research for this blog, I visit several websites and listen to at least 2 different podcasts daily. Am always searching for new info and helpful tips to share with you. After signing up with, I get daily emails with fitness tips, daily exercises, nutrition, and motivational tips. The other day they had a great blog about the 10 worst restaurant salads. Here’s the link if you’d like to have a look:


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