Beeper Setbacks and Circular Thinking

We’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about weight loss and exercise but it’s also important to keep in mind that my journey, possibly your journey, is occuring as we deal with the day to day struggles of living with a mood disorder. Living with any type of health issue presents it’s own particular challenges that may interfere at times with our “plans”.

Planning to work out or even take a walk around the block can be impossible, well usually is impossible when a depression hits. Getting out of bed is practically an olymic event. Or like me, you could be triggered and be having trouble concentrating on basic tasks, like finishing today’s blog.

Unfortunately life happens when we’re making other “plans”.  If you need to put off your workout, class, for a day or two until you’re feeling better, you have every right to do so. Taking care of yourself, your whole self, is what’s most important. Our lives are literally full of ups and downs and while you, like me today, may be down today, you will swing back. It may be hard to see that now, hard to remember what it’s like to feel better. But you will. And if you don’t start feeling better in the timeframe you typically do, please talk to your support person, especially your doctor and/or therapist. Use your support network – that’s what they’re there for.

Today’s Tip:

A setback is just that, a set…back. That doesn’t mean you won’t be stepping forward again. Give yourself the gift of the time you need to get back to moving forward again. You deserve it!!


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