Exciting News – Broke Through Another Milestone!


Biggest loss over the last 10 years, with the help of Weight Watcher was 220.4.

On Novemer 1, weighed in at 220 – a full .4 pounds below the milestone.

Weight Loss Journey Update:

Start Weight:                274.8

Goal Weight:                160 pounds

Today’s Weigh In:       218 (last Mon-221.2, Lost 3.2! Goal: 2 pounds weekly. Blew away Big Goal and continuing to lose!)

Lost / Still To Go:         56.8 / 58 (working for these 2 numbers to flip! So incredibly close!!)

Today is a celebration day – made it to the 3rd Big Milestone, which was to get to the lowest I’ve been in 10 years after working for months with Weight Watchers, the magic 220.4. Getting under 220 is HUGE as 2 months ago only lost 3.4 pounds. Went into fear mode that was plateauing, but it was just my body adjusting and regrouping.

– A brief history –

Most of my life (until about 27-28), I was either under weight (5′ 9″, 135 pounds) or a healthy weight (155). I had always been thin and active, eating whatever I wanted and not gaining.

After being diagnosed with a mood disorder and going through drug cocktail after cocktail, I started gaining weight and it just keep going and going until was almost 250 pounds by 2003. But struggling with life in general and mood issues overwhelmed everything else so weight was embarrasing but not a priority I could focus on.

Almost 4 years ago, I tried a “women-only” gym and hired a weekly personal trainer. The trainer seemed to enjoy a “social hour” more than challenging me or providing suggestions for diet or exercising as a general weekly plan. I don’t remember losing any weight and ended up feeling more discouraged than before I started so I quit going.

Next, I tried Jenny Craig for about 8 months and was spending over $100/week on food and maybe lost 30 pounds. Some much money for so little return! Would have been better off just putting the cash into a money market account! And of course, I gained the weight back.

Then, my wife and I did Weight Watchers together in 2008 to get ready for our wedding and while she reached her goal weight and kept at it for quite a while, I was able to get down to the 220 area getting ready for our wedding in 2009 but started gaining some back and my dress was a tad tight. And after the wedding, back at home, I stopped journalling, started eating more, and was maybe doing 1 yoga class a week. Within a year and a half, I gained it all back plus another 25.

Needless to say in April 2011 at my highest weight of 274.8, I was incredibly uncomfortable, nothing fit, very tired all the time, and it hurt to bend over, to walk for any length of time and my sugar was at pre-diabetic numbers and cholesterol a mess.

– Now –

After almost 8 months of using a difficult diet to jump start weight loss, slowly increasing exercise with gentle hydro therapy, starting to work with a personal trainer, and gradually transitioning to a carb cycle program that has become a lifestyle – where am I now? The weight continues to come off, I’m finding muscles again and can do 30-45 minutes of cardio in a session. And glucose and cholesterol numbers are in normal range, and I’ve gone from “sedentary” to “Active”! But most of all, actually am starting to enjoy exercising and finding out that I enjoy activity and want to try new things. This week will try a “Zumba” class and let you know how it goes.

Today’s Tip:

Many of you reading have tried more diets, exercise programs, pills, cleanses, etc. than I could ever imagine. Some of you may have struggled with your weight all your life and nothing seems to work for you. The reality is that quick fixes/diets don’t work in the long run and neither does “over-exercising”. The answer is slowly transitioning your diet to a healthy way of eating you can live with for a lifetime. And slowly increasing your exercise, incorporating activities you enjoy, but giving yourselves days off to let your muscles rest and recoup is critical.


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