Even the Most Dedicated…

Yes, even the most dedicated in their weight loss journey can sometimes hit the wall of…the common cold.

It’s amazing how crappy a little bug can make you feel, just bad enough to not be able to do a whole lot but not bad enough to lay you out completely. One of these fine bugs has been visiting me for a few days. Thought it was a med reaction at first as have been titrating the seroquel down since late last week or the beginning of an episode. But it’s just a low grade cold.

Which is the perfect opportunity to insert a word about how a cold, flu, or stomach bug can start out by impacting mood. Was in a rather off mood all Sunday and didn’t realize it until my astute spouse brought it to my attention. Thought I was going into an episode but turns out, was just getting sick. It is cold and flu season (when we were out, my wife got a flu shot!) so it’s a good idea to watch your mood and if you start to feel extra tired or worn down, you might want to break out the vitamin C, fluids, and rest, especially if it’s over a weekend, to keep a little bug from growing.

Today’s Tip:

If you’re the one getting a bad cold or flu every late Fall / Winter, check with your doctor, psychiatrist, and pharmacist to find out if you can have a flu shot without it impacting your meds as well as what cold/flu medicines are safe to take with your psych meds. This also applies to other over the counter medications for pain or other common conditions. When in doubt, ask your pharmacist – that’s what they’re trained to do!


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