Take a Look In the Mirror

Last week’s weigh-in was very exciting and even better news, was down to 217.4 on the following day. However, caught a bit of a cold and was sick most of last week. The good news is that even with eating bland (but NOT low cal) foods plus pizza on Sunday and not working out, was only up 1 POUND! Thank you fluids!!

Back on track in the “blogsphere” today.

Today’s Lesson:

The weather finally got a bit nippy here in “Sunny Florida” and I discovered that two of the sweaters I bought for last winter no longer fit. And two that I wore when I was about this size just aren’t attractive or fit well either. Like those great “Fit to Fat Radio” guys pound into you, it’s not always what the scale says – that’s just one of many factors. And when was the last time you looked in the mirror, really looked and compared what you see with how you looked at the beginning of your own journey? Did you take a “before” picture to hang on your mirror to remind you how far you’ve come? See if you have one and consider putting it up for a couple of reasons.

1. You can look at yourself now and CELEBRATE your hard work and progress.

2. You can use it to remind yourself of your progress if the scale is saying something evil or you “cheated” (there is NO cheating – there are “treats” and “celebrations” – this is a life change not a FAST!!)

Today’s Tip:

Try to think of the scale as a “resource” not a bible. Let your BMI (body fat percentage), the way you ACTUALLY LOOK, how your clothes are fitting, your energy level, and your fitness/endurance changes be the true measurements of your progress. It’s absolutely normal for your weight to fluctuate 3-5  pounds during a typical day and a couple of pounds over a week. Even if your scale loss is slow, if your BMI continues to drop, you feel good, and your clothing size continues to change – You’re Doing Great!!


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