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Exercising With a Cold:

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that I was sick all last week and didn’t feel well enough to exercise. This is a “real life” issue that impacts all of us and had a terrific article today that am going to paraphrase for you!

Question:  Is it a good idea to try to exercise when I have a cold?

Expert Answer:   When you are sick, listen to what your body is telling you! If the cold is primarily in your head, it’s OK to exercise, just at a lower intensity (provided you feel OK and have enough energy). Once you are feeling 100% again, then you can slowly increase your activity back to your pre-illness level. If you’re feeling sluggish or the workout isn’t going well, don’t push yourself. When you push too much, the illness can end up hanging around longer.

If your cold is below the neck (in your chest), try to refrain from activity until you’re back to being able to breathe easily again and are feeling like your normal self. Regardless, the best thing you can do for your body when it’s trying to fight a bug is to give it rest.

Needless to say – if you’re feeling really cruddy, rest, lots of fluids, and give your body the chance to heal itself!

Today’s Tip:

What have you done lately to mix up your exercise routine? It’s been proven that your body gets “used” to a certain level/type of activity and intensity. Have you thought about trying an exercise or dance class – biking or Zumba? If you’re doing a yoga class, maybe try a different type. Kundalini, why not hatha? Hatha, why not hot yoga? Or really mix it up and make your “date night” a night out dancing with your significant other. A great chance to increase intimacy, have a terrific time, and shed some fat/inches. Be creative but most of all, have fun!!


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