“I’ve Lost the Weight, Now What?”

One of the questions you may be asking or already have is:

After I’ve lost the weight, Now What Do I Do?

How do I stay motivated to keep working out to maintain my current weight?

How do I keep eating healthy when there are temptations all around (and I can just “work it off”!!)?

What do I do if the weight starts creeping back on?

What do I do if I go into a depression or a manic episode and throw caution to the winds?

Answer:  These are questions to think about NOW during your journey! Don’t “wait” until the weight is off and the temptation to slack off on the exercise and go back to your previous habits of eating sugary/fatty/dang really good but not good for you foods. You always have choices: you can slowly go back to the way things were, you can continue doing what you’re doing to maintain, or you can “Be Awesome”! You don’t have to be at our goal weight to think about the things you’ll be able to do when you are.

Dream and dream big. From a 5K to hiking a bit of the Appalachian Trail, why not? When was the last time you looked at your goal list to see if those goals and dreams are still meaningful to you? Does it need revising a bit? What are your goals now, your dreams now? This is a great exercise to do when you have time one afternoon and let your imagination run wild. Look up “Bucket Lists” on the internet, dream vacations, personal challenges. Even deciding to get more involved in your community, working with your mental health center to support others or working with a group, becoming more active in your spiritual community, whatever helps you feel like you’re making a contribution. All these things and more are wide open to you.

You don’t have to figure out the “how” or “even” the “why” right now. Carve out a bit of time that’s just for you. Life isn’t going to end when you lose the weight – it’s just the beginning! You deserve to be “Awesome”!! (Because you already are!)


Post Script:

A personal note: I did a “Life Goal List” when I was 20 and reviewed it on my 40th birthday. What did I learn? That I had actually accomplished most of what I put on the list! And the some of the things I was no longer interested in. And some I’m still working on or left on the list for the future. Then I started adding…and adding…and adding. Ok, I still haven’t sky dived or did the European Tour but hey, there’s till plenty of time. It’s amazing how much life you find you want to experience after you’ve got a solid 20 years under your belt!



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