Thanks-giving, A Useless Pity Party, Cardio “Splits”


Today is “the day” to give Thanks for all our blessings, spend time with family and friends we may or may not want to, and possibly eat ourselves into a stupor. Yesterday I presented you with a modified portion size that will allow you to enjoy all your favorites without the food coma and “scale regret”. Making protein #1 on your plate, surrounded with small portions of the treats you crave will help accomplish this.

Today’s Lesson – A Use-less Pity Party:

The short lived (4 day) depression was a complete pity party and as much as I regreat posting it – sadly it’s a fact of BP life. “Pity Party” may not even be the best description. “Downward Spiralling Thinking” might be better. I go from a mid level, stable mind, to the sneaking in of negative thoughts to the “beat myself up” to the “world is ending and everything is pointless” thinking. And that’s on meds, no alcohol, and doing some exercise. I’m thankful today, on Thanksgiving, that the depression has blown past and I’m morning groggy but able to talk with you.

It was also hard because I ate unhealthy foods and gained 4 pounds in 3 days. Then lost the weight plus a bit in 3 days. Per my training that weight loss is going to get harder the closer I get to goal (and have friends that have experienced this). So will have to get even more creative about nutrition and exercise to get that weight off and then keep it off. So beating my/yourself off accomplishes nothing!

Today’s Tip:

                                                                                                        AM Cardio Split                                                                                                                                   PM Cardio Split


Today, a bit of something new. I mentioned my trainer recommended doing 20-30 min of light cardio like walking or biking in the am. That’s after a stimulant like coffee / green tea but on an empty stomach. Started yesterday with 15 min of yoga AM and 45 min of strength training/ cardio around 3 PM. Lost 1 pound from the “food fest weight gain” plus an extra .2! Think that the yoga is a good fit for me and so far seems to be working. A walk for you or some time on a bike may be more realistic. He recommended 3-5 days of these splits. Starting with 3 and will keep you informed about results. Key is to do BEFORE FOOD and eat after you’re done. One more way to speed up your weight loss but also improve your cardio health, lung capacity, and endurance!


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