Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!

Here’s how far I’ve come since April 14, 2011:

Weight:  Then: 274.8 —  Now: 216

Dress Size: Then: 28 — Now: 18

Shirt Size: Then: 3X — Now: X-large, some 1X

Pant Size: Then: 44 — Now: 38!!!!! / Women’s 28 — now 18!!!!
You’ve seen the numbers, now the pics!

The TOP ONE is from Christmas 2009.

The BOTTOM ONE is from TODAY, 11/25/11 – after losing 60 pounds!!


Yes, those are the size 44 Jeans versus the size 28 Khaki’s!!! And even though still have about 57 to lose, have come so far!

And the doubts about “even if I lose the weight, I still have a mental illness, my life is over, blah, blah, blah” are gone. It’s beginning to feel like more and more of the “before getting sick” Lara is coming back and little bits of new pretty positive qualities are showing up as well. Gives me a lot of hope about the person I’m getting back to and even evolving into!

Today’s Lesson:

Weight loss is only the beginning! It’s making positive changes in other areas of our lives and seeing the exciting person we’re developing into as we try new things and try on new ways of thinking that make the trip, and what will come after, so worthwhile!


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