Yes, You CAN Take A Day (Or 2) Off!

It’s My Day Off (or Evening):

Taking a 1/2 day off today – at least from the carb rotation method of eating. Did a decent job early with low fat granola in fat free milk for breakfast and a sandwich thin with wonderful leftover turkey and low-cal mayo for lunch.

Was able to do a half hour at the gym – and man, was it deserted! But for some reason it was harder today and just thankful got some exercise in.

Here’s where it all breaks down: Dinner On Out

Being of Eastern European descent, I have a fondness for anything in sour cream, especially with paprika. Lots of sour cream, lots of paprika. Have a complete weakness for it, especially with lots of sauce, long cooking for melt in your mouth meat, and pasta/rice to sop it all up.

So tonight was a DOUBLE PORTION of Hungarian Porkchops with sides of (eeek!!) WHITE rice and peas (ok, with a bit of butter). I happen to have “the” recipe and it is truly incredible. So special we use it to bride/treat/reward (fill in blank) close friends and family. It’s so good I have to make double portions of sauce and extra carbs. Sometimes fingers are used or just licking the dang plate!

So mood is better from carb/sour cream overload, a cupcake, a little dark chocolate, and a chai. It’s been a heavy evening but oh so good!

Today’s Tip:

My friend Omar takes a “free day” off once a week – although he’s careful the rest of the week and does a great job with his running practice. So today took a page from his book, at least for the evening.

The tip – getting right back to it tomorrow! Yoga before breakfast, no carbs!, cardio in afternoon, and no carbs/sugar after 5. Enjoying your “time off” is even better when you have a plan for the day after!


4 thoughts on “Yes, You CAN Take A Day (Or 2) Off!

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    • Thank you so much!!! Wanted something eyecatching but also inspirational and this fit the bill. Welcome any other comments/feedback in the future. Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave such great feedback!

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