That First 15 Minutes…

Today’s Lesson:

This was mentioned previously as a suggestion from my gym trainer but also seconded by terrrific Hatha Yoga teacher. Splitting up your exercise – I mentioned cardio splits in a separate post – but I’ve been doing 15 minutes of mid range yoga in the morning before breakfast and following it up with 45 min to hour session of strength training/cardio in the afternoon since Tuesday.

Result: the weight I gained during depression is almost completely gone (except .2!!) and should see another pound loss tomorrow. When I shared the idea with you, it was just that, an idea. The reality is that it actually works! Not only is the weight gained coming off very quickly (not recommended for the long term though!), but mood is seriously stabling out, sleep is back to reasonable, and feeling more and more like “myself” every day. The increased med/new birth control pill are also working well.

Lesson learned: Sometimes things you think you won’t be able to do (like the exercise split thing), you find you can!

Today’s Tip:

S–t–r–e–t–c–h your boundaries of what you think you are capable of – whether it be in exercise/weight loss or any area of your life. I’ve recommended trying something new before, but why not try something you’re not sure you can do? I truly didn’t think I’d be able to exercise while in a seroquel fog – and I was WRONG! You don’t really know your limits until you push against them. And if you fail at something, or don’t do as well as you hoped, dial it back and try a baby step. If you want to learn to sky dive, maybe try a simulation first. If like me you want to write an actual BOOK, try a blog to start off small and get used to writing a little every day. Also, you’ll get feedback about the interest in and quality of your writing. It’s the holiday season and all kinds of fun things are going on around town – pick something you’ve never done before and maybe give it a try!


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