Something Is Not Right With Me!

Here is some upbeat music to underscore today’s blog post:

Love those Cold War Kids with “Something Is Not Right With Me”:

Today’s Lesson:  “Moderation: Learn It, Live It, Love It…Or Suffer the Consequences!”

Having a Perkins muffin in the morning, enjoying the extra incredible bread with hummus at the Turkish restaurant, some delicious mousakka, then a Toll House ice cream sandwich on the way home for dessert – sounds a bit much all in one day right? Well, it was “Eat and Enjoy Saturday” and man did I “eat and enjoy”: to the tune of a quick 1.4 pounds put right back on.

But wait – considering the very rapid weight loss during the week and very little exercise yesterday – the weight gain was not unexpected.

What I did NOT expect was my body’s outright rejection of one of it’s previously favorite treats – scones with butter! Whoa, something is definitely not right with me this morning. What was once a “treat” breakfast of 4 scones with liberal amounts of butter (and sometimes a fruit spread) is now on the “no go” list! They’re gone now, sure I don’t need to spell that out, and I do not feel well at all.

So what was learned today? One day of splurging during the week is doable. Two days, even if it’s just breakfast overkill the second day – not such a great idea. Also 2 scones are ok. 4 scones are a “Or suffer the consequences”!

What’s weird is that during a depression I can overindulge even over a few days and, except for weight gain, be ok. But now, when I’m stable, my body seems to reset back to it’s new, healthier choices mode. And it makes sure I know it if I try to push! So carb/fat cutoff at 3 today along with 2nd workout this afternoon to get rid of pesky pound plus gained, plus maybe a bit more.

Today’s Tip:

Body inconsistencies! What your body will be able to tolerate and process efficiently may change during an episode. This could be due to “cravings” to help re-stabilize seritonin and dopamine levels (during a depression) or other factors such as difficulty with impulse control during a mania/hypomania. Also, as your body learns and likes a healthier diet, if you’re at all sensitive in the gastro area, it will let you know when you over-do. And we both know how pleasant that is!

So as you experiment with your “eat and enjoy” day/meals, try to do it while fairly stable and listen to your body. It will tell you what and how much is ok as well as when you go too far. If you do “go too far”, try small, lighter meals the rest of the day including light soups, small salads with fairly bland dressings, or small portions of lean protein. All will help you feel better and reset your metabolism. Take it easy, take it slow!



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