Along the Way to the “Big Day” and Fitting in Positive Movement

Are you exhausted from the whirlwind Holiday preparations, gatherings, shopping, possibly baking and cooking, and all the prep?? So am Iand millions of others, too!

With everything on your “list”, getting to the gym, yoga class, or doing any of your regular positive movement activities may have fallen by the wayside.

But WAIT – I have good news. Let’s redefine “exercise” for just a moment as “positive movement”. That hour you spent rushing around the mall – CARDIO! The whirlwind house cleaning – STRENGTH TRAINING – AND CARDIO! Put on some upbeat music and clean away. You are getting exercise or “positive movement” even if you’re not making it to the gym.

If you can take a few minutes in the morning for a quick walk before work, especially with your 4 legged friend, it will jump start your metabolism for the day. But remember – only water, a little coffee, or green tea before you walk – eat breakfast when you get back!

So if you don’t taste too much of the batter, keep a level head at the various parties / gatherings and eat moderately and over time, good work! You’re approaching a “healthy holiday” from both sides.

And to give yourself a stress-break, pop in that yoga dvd. It will actually help reduce the stress you’re feeling and let you re-balance. Even a “breath break”, taking a minute timeout to close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out, is a terrific stress reducer.

You can make it through the season and still incorporate quite a bit of movement and without straining the scale. Appreciate the exercise you’re getting in the process, moderate your eating habits a bit and you’re good to go!

Today’s Tip:

Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health. – Julia Child

A quick tip on the party/gathering circuit. Yes, there’s so much amazing food laid out and it’s temptation city. But you can do this. Just balance your appetizer plate with moderate servings of a variety of foods, eat slowly, talk more, and enjoy the party! And remember that alcohol is sugar in disguise. Enjoy a beverage (or 2 or 3), but space them out and “work the room”! Enjoy!


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