Holiday Surprise


Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Left for “Staycation” on Friday at around 213. Weighed in today at 215.8!!! That is amazing considering the sheer frightening amount of high fat, high calorie, tons of sugar, OMG really over the top food eaten during just 3 days.

The Breakdown:

Friday – ate low fat, low carb until dinner at 6 – then MAJOR BLOWOUT – bread/butter, lobster bisque with puff pastry top, duck a’lorange, bread, tons of dessert (we ordered 5 and shared), and coffee with real cream.

Saturday – late breakfast/lunch – egg white scramble with 2 regular sausage links (no bread), coffee, dinner – little bit of bread, roasted butternut squash soup with marshmallow and truffle oil, a filet (small portion) with fresh veggies (so not too bad on the calories) – EXCEPT the sugar pigout on holiday candy in room in late afternoon! THEN – major carb pigout for dessert – 2 full size desserts – a few free snacks from the club lounge then a fruit tarte with cookie crust AND  fruit topped Bavarian cake. Miserable city!!!

Sunday – breakfast carb pigout in Club Lounge, lunch – grilled chicken salad at iHop (only ate half, no cheese, no bread), dinner – pumpkin soup, some spinach salad, beef wellington w/port wine sauce and fresh broccoli. Took small size lemon blueberry cake to room, but then spent time in Club Lounge eating 2 small plates of various goodies and coffee.

Whew! That is a lot of seriously rich, high cal food considering current mode of eating.

So, what may have contributed to not gaining 10 pounds after all the food? Well, here are a few thoughts…

  • Hard workout with lots of cardio on Thursday.
  • Drank LOTS of water the whole time.
  • Did eat some reasonable meals. Not every one was a blow-out.
  • Walked around as much as possible. All over the large hotel and a Christmas Day outing that was all walking.
  • Long deep tissue massage and sweatroom/cold shower regime on Saturday.
  • Kept to reasonable sleep schedule.
  • Took meds on time.
  • On Monday, even before checkout, was right back to a no carb breakfast, lots of water, and no carb, low fat meals rest of day.
  • Monday night did “foot detox bath”, lots of water, and a small protein/veggie meal in evening.

Although was not able to work out, still walked a lot the entire vacation, did moderately carb cycle, and detoxed with the Spa Day. Also, got right back to it before even leaving the hotel.

The Result: a very SMALL weight gain, instead of a BIG one!!

 Today’s Tip:

Like it says above, it’s our choices that help define us. Choosing to eat some moderate meals interspered with all the blow-outs allowed me to truly appreciate the splurges. And by the end of the holiday, I didn’t want to even SEE heavy, sugar laden food. Just the thought made me nauseous. Considering how last year’s holiday was a food fest from beginning to end and I weighed…wait for it…63 pounds more than this year at the same time, all the hard work and the changes in how I view food and exercise (all super positive) have been a minor miracle and worth every sweat-soaked shirt! And ache, and muscle soreness, and nixed craving. The journey so far has been about making better choices in every area of my life and all the little successes have been amazing. I hope this post echoes some of the positive choices you have been and continue to make in your own life. If not, there’s always the next opportunity – it’s never too late to start even the small ones!


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