Monday Weigh In :-((

– Not In A Good Mood Today –

Why? Today’s Weigh In…

Which is 4, yes 4 Pounds More Than I started the Year With

4 Pounds BACK ON in 1 Week!!!

And it won’t be improving at least today, being the “High Carb” day of the cycle.


  • I have 356 days to lose 55 pounds – In process
  • I’ll take my dog for a 20 minute walk BEFORE breakfast – Oh well…
  • I will paint the 2 sample choices in our master bath – Done
  • I will fill my bike’s tires so can I ride it again – Done, took a 10 minute turn around the block
  • I will go to “hard core” yoga/pilates class at 4 – A “no go”, again Oh well…

Thought For Today:

Life doesn’t proceed in a nice, easy straight line, so why should weight loss? Our weight fluctuates many times during the day depending on fluid intake, meals – number and type – and simply sweating can show a change on the scale. Even though I neurotically weigh every day, weight fluctuates even more during the week, depending again on those factors plus activity. And in my case, grief can actually be a precursor for weight loss or weight gain. Hello, sad weight gain. All I can do is continue making better food choices, work on staying on carb cycling, and move it, move it. Going to just take time and may have a bit of a weight struggle for awhile but know will be able to get back on track. Always important to remember that life is ups and downs and sometimes the downs come with unwanted “ups”.


One thought on “Monday Weigh In :-((

  1. It’s only take me 49 years to figure this out, but I always ended up driving myself nuts if I weighed more than once a week.

    Sounds like you are doing all the right stuff and that you are converting fat into muscle, which happens to actually weigh more than fat. The extra muscle is great, as it burns more calories, so this is the body’s way to move you along by what seems, to the scales, like a step back.

    Hang in there.


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