Ok, I Promised No More Cool Videos…Psych! I Fibbed!

(Quick Note: made a ton of changes to site yesterday – cleaner format, handy menus on top, before/after pics, and inspiration/motivation menu. You like? – let me know. You don’t- still let me know!)


Yes, I did promise, but this one will blow you away!

After yesterday’s depressing “scale time” and helpful comment (Thanks Kathy!), this video popped up on my Facebook stream.

Just like pictures on your fridge of your “before and after”, watching videos that inspire you (especially amazing and beautiful ones like this) are powerful motivators when you’re feeling discouraged or down. When you don’t have the energy to get into your work out clothes and just do it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a yoga video like this, shots of runners blasting through the tape, or hopping songs that get you moving and moving forward.

 Let’s “Flip” This!:

Yes, we like the results, yes, we like the “high”, but how many of us actually enjoy the “process” of exercise? Especially at the beginning when the extra weight and general out-of-shapeness make it anywhere from a chore to torture? I’m not seeing many hands here. So, let’s “flip” this and approach it from a different perspective. What if you think of your work out time as a “gift”; time that you are giving yourself alone; “me time”?

What could you do to make your “me time” special? How about hitting Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls, etc. for some snazzy but affordable workout clothes? What about a cool new pair of sneakers? Taking time to check out sites for free audiobooks you can enjoy while on the eliptical? Or recipes for tasty pre or post workout shakes/smoothies/salads?

Right now, take a minute and write down 3 things that would make your workouts special, tailored specifically to you, and a “looked forward to” experience rather than a “have to do this crap” one. Whatever it is, if that’s watching a motivational video before you go/start or journalling your progress, then celebrating with non-food rewards, etc. make sure it’s specific and something you will actually enjoy.

Then, wow, actually looking forward to exercise can become your new reality, personal time you give to yourself. How’s that for a “flip”!

Wrap Up:

You don’t have to have the inversions of a goddess as your end-game! But whatever your health and fitness goals are, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the journey and then realize it’s become a nurturing and empowering part of your life. Something that you give yourself so you can get more out of every minute!

Another Aside: After yesterday’s “scale scare”, went ahead and checked today and with better food choices, housework, and a short yoga set, AM DOWN 2 POUNDS!  Yay!


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