Now Is the Time of Our…Thrifting!

Now is the time to thrift!!

After a windfall of holiday donations, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other charities have full warehouses, excellent selections, and are putting out new items every day. This is the perfect time to pick up dirt cheap work-out gear, especially if you’ve lost some more weight and those old extra-big t-shirts and work out shorts just aren’t cutting it.

Going to the local Goodwill yesterday, I found the following for a total of $16.38:

Gap Wicking Workout Shirt: $3.69

High End, attractive, lightweight Workout / Yoga Pants: $3.69

Beautiful Brown Cotton Boutique Tunic in as-new cond: $3.69

Cotton, fitted grey work out shirt, as new cond: 74 cents

Brand New Cond Orange Chakra Beaded bracelet – big time here: 25 cents!

Yes, all this for about the price of a nice lunch…for 1!!!

What’s the trick? Go into your local store and ask the cashier when workout type clothes come in and are there specific stores that get more of them. 2 minutes with the nice lady at the Goodwill store and I’ll be heading for her recommendation this weekend!

Best of all, in the grey cotton t-shirt and new yoga/workout pants, I got compliments at last night’s yoga class and my honey was amazed! Workout clothes that fit, are flattering, but still let you get the job done are IN. Pack up those old, oversize duds for your next yard sale. Or “pay it forward” and donate them right back to the charity you got your cool new threads from!

Today’s “Tool”!:

This great Calorie Calculator is a terrific tool to keep updating your calorie needs as your weight changes and activity! Many thanks to Andrea for the link.


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