Sometimes You Need A Good Cry

Sometimes you just need a Good Cry…

Sometimes it’s ok to grieve,

Sometimes it’s ok to need some time,

Sometimes it’s ok to be weak,

Sometimes it’s ok to fall short,

Sometimes it’s ok to tune out because it’s hurts too much,

And sometimes it’s ok to have a good cry. Not the token sniffle and a few tears trailing down your face. But the bent over, sobbing, just short of hysterical, rocking back and forth, unable to see, snot running, eyes swollen and hurting, finally howling just to get out some of the agony.

When nothing else works, you’ve tried talking about it, journalling, trying to eat it away, sleep it away, therapy, seeing your p-doc, and distract with pretty much anything/everything, all that pain HAS to come out and you have permission, nay obligation, to have a truly GOOD CRY.

If it helps, write yourself a permission slip, sign it, and use it now – or put it away for another time when you really need it. Then, after you use it, make another one and tuck it away for sometime in the future. The Buddha said that life is suffering but that we all have a way out. Enlightenment’s a stretch for most of us, but a box of soft tissues, not so much.

Today, I had my “good cry”. And while it doesn’t erase all the pain, the elephant’s finally off my chest. May it move your “elephant” when the time demands.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need A Good Cry

  1. It’s such a relief to have fellow beeper travelers that truly understand. Thanks so much for your support and know tomorrow will be just a bit easier than today. Here, here for rapid cycling.

  2. As human beings we’re programmed to bolt from pain and seek pleasure. As bipolar human beings, we can get pretty desperate and exhausted from all that running. I hope you can rest, and that tomorrow brings some ease.

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