Evil Love-Handles and “Out of This World” Green Beans

Little Known Fact – Love Handles Are Evil!:

It seems like no matter how many crunches, yoga asanas, use of various frightening gym equipment, and side bends with weights, I can’t seem to reduce the “love handles” and “pouchie” (that stubborn hip fat). Yes, yes, I know “spot reduction” is a myth and the only way to get rid of it is continuing to do strength training, weight bearing exercises, core work, and lots and lots of cardio. Oh, joy.

What’s frustrating is the familiar “apple syndrome”. My legs are sooo much thinner now. But because my love handles and pouchie are hanging on to the fat as if their little lives depended on it, my pants have gone down fewer sizes than the rest of me with lots of extra room in the legs. It’s just not attractive!

What to do: have patience. Bat wings, love handles, pouchies, as the fat goes, the toned muscles underneath will make their starring debut. So, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, plus ramping up the cardio, and using those scary “gyn” type machines at the gym.

“Out of This World” Green Beans:

There are only so many nights one can face boring steamed green beans. Dress them up with salt-free seasoning, no-cal butter spray, whatever you personally use, at some point it just gets OLD.

Tonight, we planned on stir fried kale with garlic and onions but unfortunately the kale was in the fridge a day too long – quite stinky! Luckily, we just happened to have a fresh bag of green beans on hand. The onions were already starting to carmelize in the olive oil, the garlic was fragrant, and so we filled the pan with green beans instead. Keeping the heat on medium, it took constant stirring for about 20 minutes but yeilded amazing results: unbelievably delicious carmelized green beans with sweet, crunchy carmelized onions. It was so good, it fakes you out by being good for you, too!

Onions and garlic are cleansing, olive oil is good for your heart, and the green beans provide tons of vitamins and healthy fiber. All that and your honey steals the extra onion cruchies from your plate! A nice change from those boring steamed and shriveled green sticks.

Pair that with pork chops dipped in ranch dip mix and slowly cooked with a bit of olive oil and onion (topped with a little sour cream) and you have a delicious, heathy meal masquerading as high fat/calorie comfort food! Not bad for a quick weekday meal. Bon appetit!


13 thoughts on “Evil Love-Handles and “Out of This World” Green Beans

  1. These beans sound divine! I have always loved the garlic green beans at Chinese buffets (though buffets are too dangerous to think about). I’ll definitely try this.

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  3. Thank you for posting these :-). Its always nice to know there’s others who are having the same issue with those annoying muffin top.

    And that green beans sure sounds devine 😉

    • Yes, we all are in battle with the dreaded “muffin top” – think “Eat, Pray, Love” except without the amazing Italian food! Definitely try the green beans, so good!

  4. Abs are made in the kitchen. I have the same problem with live handles this is actually a new prblem for me 😦 The best way to get rid of this dreaded tummy and hip fat is to eat clean. Lots of veggies and fruits. Very lean meats in small portions. We can lose this! Thanks for your recipe!

    • Hear you loud and clear – that’s what I’ve been doing with the veggies and smaller portions of lean meat – it’s just a time thing. But it’s good to hear how other people are handling this obviously pretty common problem! 🙂

    • Non stick pan was used but you can use stainless steel, copper bottom, whatever you have on hand. You’ll use about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil depending on the amount of greens beans and carmelize your chopped onions and about 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic. It the medium heat and slow cooking that gives you the great results.

    • Haven’t forgotten you!! Looking into the permanently issue. From previous reading and talking to my trainer, there are a number of exercises that target those areas, front and sides, to tone the muscles so as you lose fat, at some point it will start being used in those areas. For us “pears” that seems to be the last areas to really show. But can tell you that my “fubas” has shrunk 2 sizes in just the last 5 months although legs have lost a lot more. Look a bit lopsided, weird right now! LOL! As for the permanently, am still checking into that, but prelim research is suggesting consistent cardio, core targeted strength training, shaking up your exercise regime after you’ve reached your target, and watching what you eat. Aside: depending on how much weight you had to lose and how quickly you did it, you may have some loose skin in that area. Something to talk to your doc about if so if want to “tighten things up” permanently. Will get back to you as continue to work on your question. 🙂

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