21 Day Yoga Challenge

Wake Up!

I Took the “21 Day Yoga Challenge”!


* January 9th through January 29 *

 – Intermediate Level –

Now on DAY 13

What is the Challenge?

Every day, “Yoga Journal” sends you an email with the day’s following activities:

1 “Yoga Practice Session”, Beginner or Intermediate (Not a Newbie)

1 “15 Minute Guided Meditation” Session

and 1 “Vegetarian Meal” – daily recipe provided or do your own

Today: Warm Farro Pilaf with Dried Cranberries

So far, I have missed only 2 days of the 13 and am getting more flexible and able to hold poses longer. Plus great pre-workout stretching!

In addition, every day Socialworkout.com sends an email with a link to chart your progress and compare your activity with everyone else who is taking the challenge. To date, I’m kickin’ butt!

Possibly you’re wondering why this is pertinent to you on a lovely Saturday morning? Well, it’s a great FREE way to get in extra strength and flexibility workouts. Also a great way to challenge oneself to see a short-term commitment through in preparation for longer ones such as the C25K (Couch to 5K program), incorporating regular exercise into your life for the long term, and just plain fun as you can join other challenges and groups at Socialworkout.com. Talk about mixing things up to stave off the “exercise boredom syndrom” – same routine, same days, same duration, boring, boring, boring!

I also took the “January Challenge” which includes a daily workout and no alcoholic beverages for the month of January. Workout not so easy, alcohol a no-brainer because of meds.

Here is the link if you’d like to explore a fun way to liven up your workouts with built-in motivation as you interact with others in the same challenge or keep track of your own individual one. The sky’s the limit here: join an existing one or create one just for you.


I’m looking forward to next month for my “next big challenge”!

P.S. Just finished a hard-core 45 minute Yoga Set. Less than 1 year ago,

I could only do basic stretches and very gentle Yin Yoga practice.

Flash forward to Now:



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