Sports Injury? Suurrreee. No Really!

So you twisted your ankle during dance class, during that weekend 5k, or maybe on your morning walk with the dog.

No biggie, right? Just a simple sprain, twist, tendonitis, ____________ (fill in blank). RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) it for a few days, take it easy, and you’ll be fine and back to full activity before you know it.

Maybe, maybe not.

Just when you think it’s no big deal, that’s the time to have it checked out by a pro. Not your trainer, not your friend in pre-med, a real doctor. “Doc in a box” is fine, emergency room is even better.

The reason: your injury may be worse than you think, worse than it feels, and if you continue to work out on whatever limb involved, cause more damage and add insult to injury.

This sounds like common sense doesn’t it. I thought so, too. But here’s how it all played out. Two years ago I was out on my daily walk and tripped over a pebble (literally!), twisted my left ankle terribly, and then fell on it. All almost 300 pounds of me, right on the ankle. Three months of crutches and another month of “taking it easy”, an ok from my “just terrific” doctor, and I was back in business.

Then the fateful day about 3 months ago in the yoga/pilates fusion class at the gym when I “warriored” warrior 1 and put my previously injured left ankle in a position it found quite offensive. Spent almost a week with foot elevated and iced and it felt well enough to walk on. It was still sore though and I was still wrapping it every day. At my next training session, I told my trainer about the injury, and he, happening to be a former EMT, checked it out, and pronounced it tendonitis. Prescription: Careful with lower body work, no eliptical or treadmill. Arc trainer and bike, ok, upper body and core work ok. Yoga ok but nothing too strenuous. Walking still ok, but no jogging or even walking too fast.

No, it didn’t get better. My wife was worried (she’s like that but it’s a good thing) and I was ordered to get it checked out. My NEW primary care doc felt something “weird” so sent me to a foot/ankle specialist. Who took x-rays and saw something “weird”. He sent me for an MRI and then their office called 2 days later for me to come in and go over the results.

OK, enough suspense, I’ll cut to the chase:

THE BOOT (i.e. “the soft cast”) for 6, yes, 6 weeks!

Why? I have, no, not a twisted ankle, INSTEAD a broken ankle, tendonitis, and torn cartilage deep in the joint. No, I’m not kidding! And I’ve been walking, jogging, doing the incline treadmill, eliptical machine, and yoga classes. – On a Broken Ankle –

(An Aside: No, you’re not imaging things, both my pants and shirt are Too Big!

Pants – started out at 28 womens and now these 18 womens are Too Big!

Shirt – even now way too big, started out at 3X, this one a 2X – Too Big! – wearing XL now!!!)

OK, back to “the sports injury that couldn’t”.

The Lesson Here:

While you may think that twisted “____” is minor and nothing to worry about, better safe than sorry. Better to get it checked out and it BE minor, than not and you be down for six weeks like your’s truly.

And no, you’re not getting a weigh-in today. Along with everything else, it’s just too depressing! Will be eating “super slim soup” all week. Hope to have better news for you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Sports Injury? Suurrreee. No Really!

  1. Having had 4 orthopedic surgeries since the year 2000, I know my orthopods’ number — and that of my PTs — off by heart. One of the many issues people ignore or do not know is that immobilized muscle atrophies really quickly, complicating any recovery. The sooner you get a diagnosis, the sooner you get treated and start healing.

    • Absolutely! My wife just had knee surgery and before that tons of back surgeries so we know all about getting a quicker diagnosis to get treatment and then start the recovery process. Thankfully this last surgery was an outpatient procedure and she’s doing very well just 2 weeks after the procedure. But you’re and the other nice folks who have commented are right. It’s crucial to get any injury looked at asap. And unfortunately some, like cheekychicy’s, and my wife’s back, can have a long recovery time and long term issues. But happily that’s not always the case!

  2. Good luck! Back in December 2006 I was trying to prevent a glass door from slamming in my face. I’ve kicked it with my right foot and cut my tendon, my foot was just hanging there couldn’t lift it, it was useless! Today 6 years later after lots of treatment I can walk, but I can’t lift my toes.

  3. Yes, Ms. Sandy Sue, that sounds like a VERY good idea. Especially since swimming is a full range of motion exercise for your shoulder. Makes sense it would irritate an old injury. Let us know how you’re doing with it. Meanwhile, might be a good idea to take it easy just in case (with activities that put a lot of pressure on that area).

  4. I sprained my ankle six weeks ago. I can’t agree more, any injury needs to be checked out. a “simple” sprain can become far worse as it did for you. I just got back to running after letting the ankle heal. Get better and get back out there!

  5. Ahh! I hurt my shoulder several years ago doing the weight machines at a “Curves.” Never went to a doc. Now, after starting to swim laps, the pain is back at full strength. You make me realize I should call my doc and get it looked at. Thanks.

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