Very Sweet “True Love” Video…And a “Sweetie Story” Challenge!

Very Sweet “True Love” Video”:

Saw this on another blog and as the big “V” Day is now right around the corner,

thought it was a great reminder of our “sweeties” present, past, and future.!

Today’s Exciting Contest:

Share your “How I Met My “Sweetie” story and have it featured on Monday’s Blog Post! Send your story via comment or use the “email” link button. You’ll receive a special “True Love Award” and all will get to enjoy your story!

– AND – I will share my “True Love” story – here’s a picture of me and my “sweetie” before our 17th Anniversary Dinner Out – she’s the beauty on the left:



6 thoughts on “Very Sweet “True Love” Video…And a “Sweetie Story” Challenge!

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  2. No matter where we are with our “sweetie”, whether they are in our lives or not, or just not yet, it’s important to keep perspective of ALL the gifts of love from others and “fur-people”. Love can come in so many forms, and while sometimes not romantic specifically, it can be just as fulfilling. And sadly, we may have to kiss a few frogs (or many!) to find that special someone. I know how trite that sounds, but stock is pretty spiffy and the singles bars are crowded for a reason. It’s not easy and most times it’s not quick. But that doesn’t mean we can’t put ourselves out there. So appreciate what you do have and keep hope for what may come your way.

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