Follow the Bouncing Scale Readout

This month has been full of UPS and DOWNS!

  • Weight has fluctuated from 211 on Jan 1 up to 215, all over the place, and finally made some real headway which will be revealed in a moment.
  • Diet has been a very mixed bag. Stayed on “carb cycle” but add in comfort food like cupcakes, homemade coconut-pineapple cookies drizzled with dark chocolate, and a stop at Steak and Shake. Oh, the couple of pizza/pasta orders. (Coming clean here!) But have been very careful this week, mostly. Those dang cookies! My dang lack of self control!
  • Mood has been “swing, swing, swing” but luckingly down to low or moderate depression, a few days coming back up (mid-range/pretty stable), and then up to low grade mania (irritability, anxiety, poor impulse control, and that “freaky energy” feeling). Been stable for the last few days, whew!
  • Sleep has steadily decreased from over 10 hours to now hovering around the 8-9 mark. THIS IS HUGE – last year it was between 10 – 14 hours consistently.

But have some major GOOD NEWS today! Starting the year at 211, next day 213, and then bouncy, bouncy – finally seeing some results from hard work:

This is the LOWEST I’ve weighed since 2001 – AND – only 9.2 pounds away from next goal of breaking through the 200 Mark to 199.

And for my special “goal reward” of a snazzy new pair of sneakers that works with the Nike ipod system my brother bought me for Christmas. So Close!!!

My wish is that all of you have a “Success Moment” today. And be thinking of those “sweetie stories” for Monday. There’s an email link you can use that goes right to me – and pics are terrific is you want to include them!


7 thoughts on “Follow the Bouncing Scale Readout

    • Thank you so, so much!! I will make a special note of the nomination. And we’re all in this together for the weight loss thing. We can do more than we ever believed possible!

  1. Good work! I have ups and downs on my weight too. I’ve been teetering at just above 200 for a couple months and finally I made it under 200lbs the other day at my Drs. It seems I have lost 4 ibs every time I wiegh at my monthly Dr. visit. They’ve nicknamed me “the 4lb loser” lol. keep it up girl. I’m rooting for ya!

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I’ve only been doing this a few months now and am truly honored to be nominated for any award, especially this one. It’s been an exciting learning experience and a chance to meet incredible people who have been so supportive. Just in shock and amazed!

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