After today’s VERY lengthy post, here’s a much shorter one courtesy of “bipolarmuse”. It’s taken me almost 12 years to really start healing in the major “broken place”, my brain. But I’m grateful today for the tough times that have helped me become the wiser, stronger person I am now. Great post!

bipolarmuse ♥

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway

This is a beautiful strong statement that rings validity. Think of it this way… broken bones in your body heal pretty darn quickly… the legs being the slowest because they are weight bearing. Within a certain amount of time (I think 1 year, maybe less), a broken bone is completely healed and is in actuality stronger where it was broken. (Please correct me if I am incorrect).

Isn’t that a testament to who we are as humans?? When we feel broken and shattered, in time… the strength becomes more than it had ever been. The will and determination ignites with a fierce passion. The hard part is that we want instant gratification instead of waiting for that healing and building process to take place.

Have faith my friends… we heal. Maybe slowly at first, but…

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