I Love Livestrong.com!!! Oh, and SparkPeople.com…and Prevention daily emails…

Do you ever feel like you’re dealing with diet and exercise information overload?

If you’re like me, you get a ton of emails, blog posts, podcasts, feeds, and tweets and it can get overwhelming…especially when information from one source contradicts another!

But I have to say that a few have been consistent over time:


Adam Bornstein’s articles are always enlightening (and based on real science), they have great recipe ideas, and helpful “must reads” like how to lose weight at work, best ab exercises, and 4 ways to stay motivated. Always look forward to their emails.


Every few days they send a terrific email with one specific exercise or a short exercise video, as well as helpful articles. I have incorporated many of the exercises into my routines and the videos are easy to do at home for a quick extra boost to my workout schedule. Love it!

Prevention.com emails:

Can’t say enough about these guys. Everything from diet and exercise to health and beauty, they have consistently sent great information, tips, and tricks.

I go to other sites like the “Getfitguy.com” and some of the calorie counting ones as well but these above are definitely my “Top 3”!

Shout Out!:

Would love to hear from you guys and gals out there as to sites, blogs, podcasts, etc. that you’ve found to be “tops” in giving real life beneficial information that has helped you in your weight loss journey.

Please leave a comment so others can benefit and Thanks In Advance!



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