Size 28 to Size 16W in less than a Year!

Curiosity may have killed the cat…BUT NOT TODAY!

Just out of curiousity, let’s see where I am on my journey “on the weigh down”.

My weight loss has been a yo-yo for the last week (are we seeing a pattern here?), going up to 212, down to 208.2, and even being very good yesterday, adding another .2 for 208.4.

Yes, a week ago I was 207.8, only 8 pounds away from next milestone of 199. Now I’m up .6. Going to work out like heck the next 2 days for a better weigh in Monday! If I can do a bit better consistently, there’s no reason I can’t hit the magic 199 by March’s end and start sneaker shopping!

So, let’s get some quick perspective:

April 14, 2011: I weighed 278.8, wore a size 28 dress/pants and 3x tops.

April 2011 - 278.8

February 10, 2012: I weigh 208.4, wear a size 16W dress/pants, and LARGE/XL – 1X tops. (I fit into a dress like this in the store yesterday!)

Size 16 - February 2012

So the Difference?:

278.8 to 208.4 = a net loss of 70.4 pounds

In 10 Months!

Size 28 to Size 16W = down 6 Dress Sizes

– and –

Being at the lowest area of the “Women’s” Section and

only about 10 pounds away from the “Ladies” Section.

What does that mean? Shopping in “normal” size stores, having a much larger range of choices, and saying “bye bye” to boring plus size clothes. Oh, and there’s showing off the new figure (while still wearing helpful undergarmets for the persistant “fubas”).


There are many people trying to lose weight who don’t even look at the scale! They measure their progress by how well their clothes fit and watching the sizes go down. Because the scale can fluctuate so wildly depending on calorie intake, activity, your body processing the activity, water retention (especially after high sodium foods), and the way the wind blows, it’s important to focus on other metrics as well for motivation and to fight discouragement.

So, are you fitting into smaller sizes? Are your cholesterol and sugar numbers improving? Is your BMI and other fat percentage metric better? Do you have more energy and stamina overall? These are all excellent indicators of your progress.

So focus on the whole picture – and don’t let the scale “get you down”!


5 thoughts on “Size 28 to Size 16W in less than a Year!

  1. You ROCK!!! Keep up the hard work! I completely agree about not relying too much on the scale…it’s good for an overall look at things, but sometimes that sucker doesn’t budge when you are clearly still losing fat pounds and gaining in muscle pounds and getting trimmer. You’re inspiring!

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