Social Support – or “Team Up” to Stay Motivated


Out of all the times I pry my backside off the couch or out of bed to go workout, I actually look forward to Saturday mornings and a motivational workout group called Iam50Million headed by my friend Paul.

It’s free, a great chance to meet new people and reconnect with old friends, and has built in cheerleading. And it’s held at at park right next to a lake, a beautiful spot to work out. We do a brief “gratitude ball toss” then get started. The 30 minute strength/cardio mix is challenging and also a lot of fun. And having the support of the other members keeps me coming back, even though the 8:15 wake up and hour drive aren’t something I look forward to on a Saturday morning.

There are tons of meetups that are free social / exercise groups and many gyms have groups as well. Even teaming up with a few co-workers for a lunch time walk or an after work yoga class, cardio session, or other exercise class is fun and keeps you accountable. Especially knowing your friends are tapping their toes waiting for you.

So if your motivation has been waning lately, think about joining a group or teaming up to bring the spark back!


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