Post Valentine’s Day Motivation Mix

Valentine’s Day Recap:

So, celebrating Valentine’s Day! Maybe your sweetie took you out to dinner, maybe made dinner at home (we did!), maybe had a container of greek yogurt while standing over the sink and took your chocolate ________ to eat in front of your favorite rom-com.

While it’s important to enjoy celebrations, it’s also important to get back to business the day after. This is a particularly challenging week for me because it was our anniversary Sat, Valentine’s Day yesterday, and some kind of “secret” get together for my birthday this upcoming Sat. So many opportunities to overindulge!

What am I doing to battle the bulge? Sticking with carb cycling and hitting the gym! Choosing half portions and low cal/fat/carb alternatives when cooking at home.

Here’s anoverview courtesy of CultFit that is an excellent reminder of how weight loss (and most everything else) really works:

Most of us are in that snarl somewhere – So accept the process!!!

Motivation Mix:

I promised you motivation and today it’s in 2 parts:

  • a very simple chart to nail down Portion Control. Put it up in your kitchen, in your wallet, anywhere you need a quick reminder. Some of you have memorized this but a reminder is always helpful!

  • “Motivation Reality Check”. Before you let “life excusitis” or depression’s “toxic talk” derail you, check this out:

Maybe you’re feeling a bit sluggish from last night’s meal, stressed from work / family obligations, or a bit down from being single on “Couple’s Cult Day”. Unless you’ve lost a crucial body part – and even then! – there’s no reason not to turn that around with a good workout.

A 10 minute walk, 20 minutes of cardio, a class, take your pick. The weather is starting to turn and some nice fresh air and loving movement will pick up where the endorphin rush from the chocolate left off. So what are you waiting for? Get back out there!


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