The Magical Shrinking “FUBAS”!

This is a “quickie” but wanted to share a mini-victory.

Tonight after working out, I put on the LAST of the “fat shirts”, the sole hold-out from my entire wardrobe. Not only DID IT FIT, it was BIG everywhere, including over an INCH from the “dreaded FUBAS”!!!

Did I see a difference when I looked in the mirror? No! Did the scale show a drastic change? No!

Lesson Re-learned:

Unless we periodically measure ourselves and use the “clothes guage”, the change in our bodies as things shift from day to day won’t be dramatic enough to see. Looking in the mirror only shows you a piece of the whole picture.

So it’s just as important to take your measurements on a monthly basis as it is for the weekly “weigh in” and quarterly “clothes check”.

VIT – Very Important Tip:

Hopefully you have kept one set of “fat clothes” from the beginning of your weight loss (mine in buried in the garage sale pile and will have to be fished out!). DON’T GET RID OF IT! Not only will you need it after you’ve lost the weight for your “after picture”, but it’s a powerful motivator “along the weigh” whenever the scale decides not to cooperate or you’ve just eaten enough for a small country and are buried under a case of the “guilt’s”.

So, let’s hear it for the “magical shrinking FUBAS”!!!


6 thoughts on “The Magical Shrinking “FUBAS”!

    • “FUBAS” is an indecipherable acronym for the “spare tire” what many women wear around their hips and below the waist. So you may have thinner legs, right below this bulge of fat in the front and sides of the hips, and the waist may also be thinner above. Some women’s backside’s even shrink before the rest of the “hip spare tire” so the FUBAS sticks out even more. This is also the area that seems to bloat first during that “time”. There are some exercises that target this area. It just seems the last to go so keeping measurements over time will keep change in perspective!

  1. Is anyone listening? I hope not. Usually, as soon as my ‘underwear’ (said in a whisper) starts to feel uncomfortable, I know I have to buckle down before it’s TOO LATE!

    Your an inspiration to us all. You go girl.

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