5 Secrets from the 5% Who Lost It…And Kept It Off

You, like me, probably surface for air in this weight loss journey and wonder “but how will I keep it off for the long term after I lose it?.” “Are there secrets from the “long termers” that will help me as well?”

Mike Kramer from Sparkpeople.com has done the research work for us and the results may surprise you!

The 5%…

  1. …Make It Public. The 5% generally don’t keep their weight loss efforts to themselves. They recruit supporters. They ask for help. They swap war stories with friends. They give and take encouragement. Often a goal buddy is involved, or at least a positive, supportive friend who holds the dieter accountable. Studies show that just by writing down or announcing your goals, you automatically increase your chances of success. Keeping a Community Journal or blog is a non-threatening, productive way to make your goals public.
  2. …Pay Attention. A permanent, healthy lifestyle is created on purpose. Planning, tracking, reading menus, asking questions, following progress reports—they’re all part of the 5% strategy of knowing what’s going on and preventing setbacks. This crowd doesn’t believe in fooling themselves or relying on chance to make things happen. Usually (if not always) aware of the foods they eat, and on the lookout for opportunities to stay active, they know that good health is no accident. Nutrition Trackers and Fitness Planners play key roles in this strategy.
  3. …Enjoy Themselves. There’s a reason that a healthy lifestyle sticks around for this small minority. They make weight loss a positive experience and have fun with it. Because they feel good about their goals and their new habits, they also feel good about themselves and what they’ve accomplished. Programs based on negative messages, dread, resignation, or criticism are doomed to disappear. Optimists are proven to reach more goals than pessimists. They also live healthier, longer lives.
  4. …Make Gradual Changes. The 5% know that permanent change is a process, not a 21-day event. Able to see what waits on the horizon, they spend time building a few small habits at a time, rather than diving into a program that’s totally incompatible with their current lifestyle. Too much too soon is like moving to a new country and expecting to adopt the new culture and language in a week. It works much better if you simply stick around and pick up a few bits and pieces at a time.
  5. …Allow Themselves To Fail. It’s a guaranteed certainty. Every one of the 5% has failed at some point along their weight loss journey. The difference is that they learned to forgive setbacks and refused to beat themselves up. Every failure is simply one step closer to ultimate success. With this outlook, and using lessons learned along the way, they kept these setbacks from turning into full-fledged disasters.

So, not so mysterious, now that you know their secrets, huh? A permanent, healthy lifestyle may be closer than you think!



5 thoughts on “5 Secrets from the 5% Who Lost It…And Kept It Off

  1. Failure, and bouncing back, is key. Not just in weight loss, but in life.

    My nutritionist recommends testing ourselves every now and then so that we can see that a little slip-up isn’t really anything we can’t overcome. My tests have been very small, but it has helped me to stay away from all-or-nothing thinking.

  2. You are SO not alone! I think about it all the time, especially since I seem to gain weight by just blinking. It’s been a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” for a few months now. So maintenance has been on my mind a lot – the worrying part anyway.

  3. My tips, get LOTS of sleep, cut out the sugar, drink lots of water, find foods that are delicious and VERY healthy, take vitamins, drink tea, love life, spend time with friends and family, do something your passionate about on a daily basis and SMILE.

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