On The Ball…This Week’s Challenge

Took A Hard Look and It’s Time For A Change

Took a long hard look at my weight loss related goals since January 1, and even with limited cardio for 3 of those 5 weeks, I’m not satisfied with my results vs. goals. Take a look – it’s time for a change.

Weight Loss Goal:  1.5 pounds per week

  • Actual Results: 2.5 pounds total down in 5 weeks, was down a total of 5 pounds at the beginning of February but lots of fluctuation since then
  • Excuse: Difficulty with resisting sugary foods/fast food, not sticking to carb cycle program outlined by personal trainer, and depressive episode

Work Out Goal:  5 sessions per week, 4 strength training plus cardio, 1 only cardio

  • Actual Performance: 3-4 sessions per week, much less cardio than hoped
  • Excuse: Ankle injury, major PMS episode, and depressive episode
  • Good News: Boot is OFF and should be back to full activity in about a week

The Answer – Accountability!:

Goals This Week:

  • Weight Loss: Lose 1.5 pounds by Next Monday, March 4th
  • Diet/Nutrition: Adhere to “Carb Cycle Program” every day – especially “No Carb Days” Thursday and Saturday, 6-8 ounce glasses of water, No Cupcakes/sweets (except fruit), No Fast Food, No Sweets after 5 PM
  • Movement: 5 days of at least 1 hour of exercise – this can include an AM Yoga Wakeup Session – and – ADDING:
  • Sitting on a STABILITY BALL when sitting at home. Why?? We’ve all seen the pictures of people sitting on one at their desks instead of a chair. Also all the exercises and workouts that can be done using them, and the studies that show “fidgety people”, ones who move around a lot, walk while talking on the phone, can’t sit still, are typically thinner than the general population. So I plan to put this to the test.


  • Follow the above actions every day this week.
  • BLOG every day, starting tomorrow, reporting my progress and adherence to the program. This includes meals (type/number-goal 5 small ones/day), exercise (type/duration), and length of time spent sitting on the Stability Ball.
  • Next Monday, we’ll see together if Accountability and Dedication have a direct impact on “The Evil Scale” or “My Best Friend-The Scale”.

So follow me this week to see the results!


Day 1: “Accountability Check-In“:

  • Diet: 3 meals out of 5 – 1st: protein+veggies, 2nd: veggie+carb smoothie, 3rd: oatmeal-carbs+protein – last 2 meals – protein + veggies
  • Exercise: 1 10-minute yoga workout in AM, off in a few minutes for 1 hour gym strengh training plus cardio
  • Stability Ball: 1 hour so far today
  • Weight Chart

2 thoughts on “On The Ball…This Week’s Challenge

  1. I admire your goals, but some of the reasons your weight loss slowed down are legitimate, not mere excuses. It might have been more realistic to revise your goals over the past 2 months to account for the depression and the ankle injury. Yes, get back on the horse, but don’t beat it to death.

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