On the Ball Week Challenge – Day 2

“On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE: Day 2

Day 2: “Accountability Check-In“:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now: AGAIN 208.2 (-0-loss, 1.3 to go!) Result: OFF TARGET by .2 – No Net Loss on Tuesday!
  2. Diet: Carbs 2 meals out of 5 – 1st: carbs+protein (3 small gluten free pancakes), 2nd: protein+veggie (chicken/green beans/tomatoes/vinegar), 3rd: protein+veggie+carb (chicken/brown rice/tomatoes), 4th: protein+veggies (salmon/mixed veggies), 5th: protein+fat (2 tablespoons peanut butter), Water: (12) 8 oz glasses!, Result: On Target, but didn’t affect weight loss
  3. Exercise: 1 10-minute yoga workout in AM. Afternoon – 30 min yoga w/o, 5:30 – 1.5 hour yoga workout, Result: On Target (Maybe too much? Not enough cardio?)
  4. Stability Ball: 2 hours today, Result: On Target

Take Away from Day 2:
I do not know why I didn’t lose anything yesterday! Diet, water, exercise – all were right on target or even above. The only “X Factor” is the 6 hours I spent on the phone with Dell (Demon Spawn) trying to get my laptop back up and running and dealing with their red tape. Boycott Dell!!!. And at 9 PM started the 4-5 days it will take to get the laptop set up back up with programs/ie favorites/music. Total nightmare, completely stressed didn’t get to bed until after 1 AM!
According to the great folks at Livestrong.com (and the Mayo Clinic), excess stress, fatigue, and anxiety can hamper/impact weight loss efforts. I was one stressed out, anxious puppy yesterday. Today is better – found out that seroquel has gone from almost $250/month to $85 – HUGE! And computer setup is working well. Tomorrow will be a better day!
Check in tommorow for Tuesday’s Results!
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4 thoughts on “On the Ball Week Challenge – Day 2

  1. No worries, you’re doing awesome. Like you mention, the X factors could have a lot to do with it. Stress hormones are the worst! Also, you could very well be losing fat and building muscle at the same time which wouldn’t affect the scale much. The only thing I’d remind you of is that yoga doesn’t cover “cardio” so don’t forget to incorporate your cardio into your day! Maybe swap one of the yoga sessions throughout the day for a 30 min run/walk? Just a thought 🙂

  2. Relax, even if you’re weighing at the same time every day, your weight can still fluctuate from factors beyond your control. I think so long as you stick to your goals you’ll make you’re weight loss goal for the week.

    And you’re right, it could be the stress and lack of sleep. Relax and you’ll get it. 🙂

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