On the Ball Week Challenge – Day 3

“On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE: Day 3

Day 3: “Accountability Check-In“:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now: .2 more lost- 208 .(2-loss, 1.1 to go!) Result: STILL OFF TARGET by .2 (from Day 2) – Need an additional (.2) on another day to make up.
  2. Diet: Carbs 3 meals out of 5 – 1st: carbs+protein (2 eggs/little ff cheese, 1 small pancake), 2nd: protein+veggie (large salad w/chicken), 3rd: protein+carb (protein/carb smoothie), 4th: CARB HIT BIG TIME – hit the bakery for 2 well chosen treats-it’s High Carb Day after all!, 5th: protein+veggies (small pork chop/mixed veggies), Part 2 of 5th: carbs+fat+sugar – 1/2 bakery Eclair, Water: (1) 8 oz glasses!, Result: Way off target, trying to shake things up, Lost .2!!
  3. Exercise: 1/2 hour of walking (shopping), skipped workout – will do Thursday. Result: a bit of cardio
  4. Stability Ball: 1/2 hour today, Result: Off Target, more tomorrow

Take Away from Day 2:
Maybe I’m not eating enough calories based on my activity level now??? Yesterday ate some serious bakery goods and didn’t do much of a workout except lots of walking. Sat on my butt in the afternoon and late into the night working on two different projects.
And still lost .2 pounds!
Lesson: Giving my body a break after the “laptop nightmare” week of stress looks like it gave it a small “restart”. Eating fewer treats and/or working out a bit might have increased the weight loss, but not sure about that. Needed the time to recover and I think pushing it would have pushed me over the depression edge I was teetering on all day. Will check with the trainer about this but think it will help keep the weight loss going after have completely worn myself out.
It’s frustrating when Life doesn’t go as scheduled and I felt like I was letting myself down, and you guys, by not sticking to “The Plan”. But I still lost weight and feel much better today. Sometimes, you just have to throw “The Plan” out the window for a day!
Check in tommorow for Tuesday’s Results!
Yes, you thought you were safe, but NO,
Geek Girl” is back!
– For a mental jack-slap on the realities of how food gets from Point A – Origination to Point B – Your Plate and the incredible changes in what, how, and why we eat what we do (the obesity pandemic), readThe End of Overeating. Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite” by David A. Kessler, MD. His background is impressive – Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Admin under 2 recent Presidents, Dean of both Yale and University of California Med Schools, and a Harvard grad. But, most importantly, he himself struggled with obsesity and that pushed him to investigate the American “food priming industry” and pull back the psychological curtain of how we are manipulated into eating foods that make – and keep – us fat. Also, this isn’t his first “go round” – he took on the tobacco industry prior to this fight. For a “science” book, it’s an easy read: every chapter has been a short, easily digested punch to the gut. I like to keep you all on your toes with a bit of cool science every so often, but this book is important. Check out a chapter on Amazon – it’s accessible and you’ll never go into a Chili’s again!

6 thoughts on “On the Ball Week Challenge – Day 3

  1. I just ordered the book. It looks great.

    “Sometimes, you just have to throw “The Plan” out the window…” Please remember this. Sticking to a plan with gnat’s ass rigidity breeds disaster (in my humble experience).

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