“On the Ball” Week Challenge – Day 5

On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE – Day 5

(2 to Go!)

Day 5: “Accountability Check-In“:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now:  208.6 – 1 Pound Up From Yesterday! (higher than when this started, 2 days to go – 1.5 pounds – ready to throw up hands) Result: follow the bouncing ball, very tired.
  2. Diet: LOW CARB DAY– 1st: protein+carbs (green smoothie), 2nd: protein+veggie (leftover chicken), 3rd: protein+veggies (roasted chicken, fried cabbage), 4th: CARB – 2 slices angel food cake, strawberries, cool whip free, Water: (10) 8 oz glasses!, No 5th Meal
  3. Exercise: Ran around doing catch-up errands all day, short work out in PM
  4. Stability Ball: 1 hour, Result: No help at all.

It took years for this guy to get to this level of proficiency.

It will take time for me to lose over 100 pounds, too!

Take Away from Day 5:
Felt very discouraged today, after such a great day yesterday, to be up a whole pound, .2 higher than when I started this challenge. Had to get up early to meet the flooring lady (we’re finally replacing the trashed living room carpet – thank you taxes!) which is hard with the seroquel and threw me off completely.
Been running the last few month’s weight struggle through my mind for awhile now and finally talked about it with my sweetie. Truly blessed – she’s an amazing listener, smart, insightful, and a born problem-solver. And even more importantly, helps me see issues from a different perspective. Together we figured out the “carb cycling” isn’t working, at least the way it’s set up now. Instead of a set schedule, it would be more helpful to face the fact that I will get depressed, I will have off days, and life will interfere with my planned workout schedule. The flooring and cleaning/painting for the Pampered Chef party next Saturday will put quite a dent in things so probably good idea to do no carbs those 2 days and low carb it for the rest of the week. The point – to be flexible and work with life.
What we figured out:
  • I’ve been eating a small snack in the evenings, many times celery and peanut butter – fat to sleep on – SO – no snacks after 7 pm (unless they are low cal, no fat).
  • Sugar is my crack. I use it to self medicate and distract myself in depressions or when stressed or anxious – SO – no sugar after 5 pm. La eats sugar-free popsicles (15 tiny calories) and she’s maintained her weight loss for months. Lesson!
  • I have to stop sabotaging myself. After losing over 70 pounds, it’s getting harder, just like my trainer warned me it would. To keep losing, and then to maintain, I have to step up my game. But that nasty little internal voice keeps saying “you’ve already lost so much, why does getting to some “number” matter – you’ll still be struggling with mood, on disability, a skinny failure. What difference will it really make? Why keep fighting and working so hard when it doesn’t make much difference in the big picture?” After only losing 4 pounds in January and .2 pounds in February and bouncing all over the place, that voice keeps getting stronger.
  • Because I’m my worst enemy at this point, it might be helpful to go for a therapy “booster shot” or at least meet with my trainer to regroup.
  • I let the scale dictate how I feel about myself which, for someone with a mood disorder, is bad, bad, bad. So La is going to hide the scale so I’ll be forced to stick to “Monday morning weekly weigh-in” whether I like it or not. Told you she was great.

Been a hard day but figured out some important insights and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. 2 more days in the challenge. Next week’s challenge is “No sugar after 5 pm.” Yay!

Check in tomorrow for Saturday’s Results!

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