“On the Ball” Week Challenge – Day 6

On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE – Day 6

(1 to Go!)

Day 6: “Accountability Check-In“:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now:  208 – .4 Pound Down From Yesterday! Result: exercise and watching diet helped
  2. Diet: LOW CARB DAY– 1st: protein+carbs (oatmeal w/protein powder), 2nd: protein+veggie+little carbs (chicken salad+little bit of carbs), 3rd: protein (leftover roasted chicken), 4th: CARB – 1 small slice angel food cake, Water: (12) 8 oz glasses!, No 5th Meal – avoiding the late night peanut butter
  3. Exercise: 1 hour of strength/cardio in the am, 15 minute session in PM
  4. Stability Ball: 2 hours, Result: think it helped

Take Away from Day 5:
Yesterday you got to enjoy the rant of “Bipolar Lara”and that’s always such an inspiring pick-up! (Just kidding – but at least you know I’m a real person.) Did struggle yesterday but doesn’t everyone? This isn’t easy for any of us and it’s critical to radically accept that fact and then move on. But in spite of that, still did 2 workouts, got in water, and watched diet, well at least did a better job. Read over the wonderful, supportive comments from during the week and wanted to thank everyone for cheering me on. Let me quickly return the favor – all of you are so strong and brave in your own journeys, you continually inspire me – thank you!
And for those of you who either went out and got a stabilizing ball or dusted yours off, here’s a terrific tricep exercise to do while you’re sitting on the thing anyway. You will need 2 hand weights of your choice.
Enjoy your Day and Check in tomorrow for Sunday’s Results!

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