“On the Ball” Week Challenge – Day 7

On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE – Day 7

(LAST DAY – Final Results Tomorrow!!)

Day 6: “Accountability Check-In“:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now:  208.6 – .6 Pounds Up From Yesterday! Result: not sure but 9 pm low cal snack might be the culprit.
  2. Diet: NO CARB DAY– 1st: protein+veggies(2 eggs w/fresh spinach), 2nd: protein+veggie (chicken sausage w/1 fresh tomato, vinegar dressing) 3rd: protein (3 Weight Watchers cheese sticks), 4th: protein+veggie (mushroom/swiss cheese chicken w/steamed veggies), 5th: veggie+low fat (2 celery sticks w/2 wedges Laughing Cow cheese), Water: (12) 8 oz glasses!
  3. Exercise: Break day – 1 hour of light cardio in pm
  4. Stability Ball: 1 hours, Result: didn’t do anything

Take Away from Day 7:

I did everything right yesterday, no carbs, 5 small meals, an hour of grocery shopping, and still went up over a half pound. Now a full pound over lowest weight this week and .2 over when I started. See the foot doc on Wed to get ok for more vigorous exercise but hurt ankle on arc machine and think that will set me back again, possibly more “boot time”. Giving this the final day, today, with final results tomorrow. Lost 5 pounds in January, then gained .4 in February.

Action: will call trainer and meet with him in 2 weeks to figure out what the stall is and how to get back on track. Need a “motivation booster” and re-focus on why I’m trying to lose weight in the first place. Part of me just wants to quit now – 70 pounds is a LOT – but still want to prove to myself that can reach my goal and then keep it off. Possibly may need to move my timeline a bit – 48 pounds in 10 months is almost 5 pounds a month and although it’s possible, will have to make some additional changes in both diet and exercise program to accomplish it. Would love to hear from you guys who have lost the last part of your weight and changes you might have made to do so. Will also do some web searching to get additional tips and post them for those in same boat.

Check in tomorrow for LAST DAY – Monday’s Results!


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