“On the Ball” Challenge – Day 7 – RESULTS!!

On The Ball” WEEK CHALLENGE – Day 7



Day 7: “Accountability Check-In“ – FINAL RESULTS:

  1. Today’s Weigh In: Goal: 1.5 pounds loss/week – Start: 208.4, Now:  205.6!!! THIS IS A 2.8, ALMOST 3 POUND LOSS THIS WEEK!!! BLEW THE GOAL OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!
  2. Diet: NO CARB DAY– 1st: protein+veggie (2 eggs w/a little turkey and spinach), 2nd: protein+veggie (tilapia+green beans), 3rd: protein+veggies (large cup kielbasa/cabbage soup), 4th: 15 cal sugar free popsicle – 2, No 5th Meal – had a cup of Cocao chai tea with 1tsp agave nectar (Note: 2nd day of popsicles at night, rather than high fat foods), Water: (14) 8 oz glasses!
  3. Exercise: Not much! Had to stay home for the flooring install so went back and forth quite a bit, but that’s all.
  4. Stability Ball: None – new floor!

Take Away from Day 7 And Final Results:

Thank everyone for sticking by me through this Challenge! Your supportive comments and suggestions kept me going. And the end result being an almost 3 POUND WEIGHT LOSS and closer to getting past the “Magic 200” than in the past 10 years. Meeting my next “Chuck Goal” of 199 this month looks like a real possibility now!

What made the difference? Staying No or Low Carb on low activity days and switching to sugar free popsicles at night instead of celery w/peanut butter or cheese or carrots and hummus. Spending a lot of time on the stability ball. Giving my body a break when it needed it. And especially – having a day spent thinking/obsessing over something other than weight loss – namely the new, beautiful flooring which we’ve waited YEARS for!

It’s Been A Roller Coaster Ride – But Got DOUBLE the Results Planned For!!!

This week the Challenges are:

  • Try to have dinner before 7 PM
  • No High Fat Snacks after 7

Will report on these sporadically but more for my “sticking to plan”. Getting back to the “tips/tricks/information” format for all of you!


5 thoughts on ““On the Ball” Challenge – Day 7 – RESULTS!!

  1. Hooray!!! What a victory!
    I’m worried about being away from my exercise routine after I have surgery. It will be 6-8 weeks before I can get back to my regular routine. My plan is to start walking as soon as I can, but I can already hear the pounds scheming to come back. Ugh.

    • I was worried too after hurting ankle so talked to both doc and personal trainer. Both focused on what I could do, which is something that might help you. Even if you can’t exercise like you’re used to for a few weeks and then, with an ok, doing a light, modified workout for the last few weeks, as long as you watch what you’re eating, you may gain a little here and there – BUT – once you get, slowly, back to what you’re used to, the weight will also slowly come off. Long sentence, bottom line, eat less, move a little as you can, listen to docs, and let body heal! Hugs and support to you for a smooth procedure and quick recovery!

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