Finally Giving In to Temptation…Hoping It Backfires!

Do not trust your eyes, they will deceive you. What you are seeing is not a stack of delicious, fudgy, nutty brownies. It is a pile of temptation from Dante‘s 7th Circle of Hell!

What’s worse: they are mixed in 1 bowl, I usually have all the ingredients handy, and they bake in 30 minutes. Final evidence that at least the Devil does exist!

It’s been a day – Depression has been creeping up all afternoon, put off yoga, and now…Brownies from hell!

My strategy: I’ve been holding out for hours, denying the “brownie crack”, eating salad and drinking water. I even ate a small bowl of granola with fat free milk hoping to stave off the tremors. Finally I’ve given in, but with a plan!

Instead of following the careful directions, I just dumped all the ingredients into the bowl and stirred. The hope is that they will not set up, be horrible, and beat a speedy path to “el trash cano”. All fingers are crossed and hopefully it will throw me off “feeding the pain” until I can get in a few workouts and let the chemicals generated accomplish the same thing, but burning calories instead of adding them. Considering today’s weigh in was the best in a billion years and what I’m doing may potentially sabotage that magic number, I’m erring on the side of caution here.

If they are good, I will drink super slimming tea (not recommended), and let the chocolate xanax do it’s work. Then will work out tomorrow and Sat. My resolve may be momentarily weak, but the eyes are still on the prize! BP depression is a pain in the ass but I give it as little power as possible and then MOVE ON!!!

Lesson: Beware Satan’s Sinister Pastry Plan!



8 thoughts on “Finally Giving In to Temptation…Hoping It Backfires!

  1. How about popcorn? It’s fillling. You can use a brown paper lunch bag. Pour in a quarter cup of corn kernels, STAPLE it shut (yes, I said STAPLE — turn down the top and add two staples. Now put it in the microwave and watch. I usually put mine on 2.5 minutes. When the popping REALLY slows down, stop it. No butter. Naked. But you can get used to LOVING it in a PINCH.

  2. And if they come out great Oh well! A box of Brownies Wont stop you! You are unstoppable! [and you wont even eat them all]

    • They came out like a dense cake, not brownies. But still ate a few of them. Then drank tea. Did see an up on the scale this morning but that’s I think from the extra carbs eaten throughout the day, lack of exercise. Taking a class tonight so will see if that helps!

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