Back In the Saddle…Again

Swinging, swinging, swinging…Oh, it was just my birth control failing.

I wanted to apologize for my week-long absence and a huge “thank you” to my mood-stabilizer Lutera for bailing. A week and a half of swinging, trying to adjust to daylight savings time, and sleep completely off kilter. Oh, and I also caught a cold and was down for 4 days. Doesn’t mean I’m off the hook but at least you’re all caught up now.

But the good news is that last Friday I was able to do 3 whole hours of volunteering, in a high stimulus environment, and get through an uncomfortable situation, all in one afternoon. Big deal. Well, actually it was. The last time I tried to volunteer was 2 years ago, at the library, and that was a complete fiasco. In less than a half hour my anxiety was off the chart, followed by a full fledge panic attack. I forced myself to stay another hour doing a very basic task then fled. It was such a crap experience I haven’t had the guts to try again until now. It’s even hard to be in the library for very long – I order everything online and run in and out to return them. But this time was completely different. And that was because a friend was with me so I had a built in support system. And it was such a low key thing I could have left at any time if I needed to, even after only a few minutes. It’s given me a huge dose of confidence in my recovery and the desire to take the next step. I’ll be calling the local hospital next week to see what opportunities they have!

Unfortunately on Saturday I was woken up to go to my weekly motivational/exercise group and I felt so bad I went back to sleep in the guest bedroom. Completely freaked out the wife! Turns out I had the beginnings of a cold so was down until Tuesday. Felt a bit better and was able to make to yoga. Have worked out the last two days and stayed up too late working on a large sewing project. Obsessive-compulsion at work, always a joy.

Well, enough rambling. Here’s a challenging video to start your day off tomorrow. It will definitely get your heart pumping and give you a blast of energy to take you into the weekend. Will be back tomorrow with more inspiration, tips, and tricks!



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