Follow Up to “Geek Chic” article…

Doesn’t it stink when you’re right!

As predicted, Situational Meltdown #2 occured yesterday. That’s a 3 day duration episode sequence – 1 episode, followed by a 1 day minor upswing, followed by 1 day complete meltdown. A “seroquel holiday” level meltdown which is a “should be in the hospital but know I’ll be swinging back in a day or 2 so why bother”. Taking an almost double dose puts me down like an elephant for 24 hours, long enough to break the cycle progression.

** NOTE: This is a “last resort” action, one approved by both my doctors. Do not mess with your meds, even in times of dire need, without talking to YOUR doc/s first!!! **

So now we have a baseline for the study, which is putting a positive spin on a “not fun” time. Considering this is my first venture into actual research, and though it is skewed because being the subject messes with objectivity, it’s off to a stellar start!

And so as to leave you with yet another uplifting message:




One thought on “Follow Up to “Geek Chic” article…

  1. Hang in there, Lara. Getting this type of data is vital, I think, and will give you more control. You may not be able to effect the episodes, but you’ll know what to expect and how to manage them. Just like you’re managing your weight loss.

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