Back to the “Cool Stuff”: Shake Up Your Weight Loss Part Deux

Remember when we talked about busting through weight loss plateaus by shaking up your workout? It really helps when you take your own advice!

In January, I did the “21 Day Yoga Challenge” until my ankle gave out. But did finish about 70% of it, so was feeling pretty sprongy. Good loss that month.

In February, I ate and ate and ate. But I still did my workouts and yoga. – gained that month

In March, I ate a bit less but wasn’t as on point with the exercise side.  – lost what I gained but still not much.

BUT – it’s April and my gym just sent out a snifty email advertising their “Fit Club“. If you take a certain number of their classes you can get a free tote bag, free t-shirt, and – Lose More Weight and Tone Up! You know me, “wow, a new challenge! and OMG I am truly insane to do this!” So of course I called the gym and the nice guy who answered helped me figure out the 12 classes I’ll be taking this month. Yes, I am crazy – that’s 3 a week, plus 1 yoga, plus 1 Saturday am session, PLUS walking the dang dog for cardio in the am. Many of you may be saying, “Psshaw, that’s baby stuff! I run 15 miles a day!” Sorry, my fingers are in my ears and I’m humming. What was that you just said?

I spent yesterday chilling out, knowing the first incident of a new activity is typically an anxiety party. ~ You know, I don’t know anyone, ~ will I be able to handle the class without making a fool of myself, ~ what if they have props and stuff I don’t know what to do with, the usual. But with the help of my beautiful supportive honey, I got over that anxiety episode and left and actually made it to the gym. Yay me – Yay you if you’ve been there!

Lesson Learned:

First, due to the class, I lost 1 whole pound yesterday – 1 pound! And I still have 4 exercise sessions this week. Aside from that you’re probably wondering how the class went. Yes, it was scary at first as I watched the previous class working out like Rocky, but after handing our teacher my Fit Club score card, she was super nice, asked if I was new and said not to worry, it takes a few classes to get it. When we went in, everyone headed over to the “wall of weird fitness equipment” and started grabbing 5 or 6 different items – for 1 class! The teacher saw the stricken look on my face and showed me what I needed and what weights to use. Basically the Body Pump class consisted of using the classic dumbbell for strength training, a step up thing for lunges (which I used, terrified I would fall), a mat and free weights. The good news is that I not only completed the ENTIRE 1 HOUR CLASS, but by watching a veteran and the teacher, then the other students as they used and then put away the different pieces of equipment, I learned that the horrible experience of my first aerobics class in 1987 was a fluke. I followed along, only needed to stop for breath a few times, and felt pretty empowered by the experience. Oh, and like a very limp noodle.

That’s a lot of explanation for an underscoring of an older piece of really good advice: to keep losing and then maintain, you HAVE to shake up your routine! If you’re only doing yoga, add some strength training. If you do strength training, then cardio, switch it. Try a session with a trainer to give you other ideas. The “Get Fit Guy” recommends switching up every 1-2 months for consistent weight loss and to prevent the dreaded work out boredom. Plus if you have Netflix or Hulu, they have some great classes you can do right at home. I know I’ve said this before, however, the key is to take a class you’re not sure you can do. Because you can, you just won’t know til you’ve done it!


I lost 1 Whole Pound in just a day. Sure that’s happened before, however, with 4 more sessions this week, I am hoping for another 2-3 pound loss and reaching my next “chunk” of under 200 pounds in 2 weeks. After 2 months of very slow weight loss that might be a lot to ask. I’m still willing to literally work my butt off to do it!

And Ladies, if you’re like me the thought of using dumbbells/free weights might be a little scary, but it’s actually cool and empowering. If the guys can do it, hey, so can we!


7 thoughts on “Back to the “Cool Stuff”: Shake Up Your Weight Loss Part Deux

  1. That is awesome!! Great job!! I know I bought a couple work out DVDs, and then I add in the elliptical and running outside…so much to do! I am not yet comfortable with going to the gym. I am still really insecure, but hoping to get over that fear by the end of summer so I have more options to do this winter! Keep up the great work!

    • Took me a long time to to get to the gym. Although it was overwhelming at first, a few sessions with a trainer really helped get over the initial anxiety. Then taking it slowly, trying new machines, classes have been extremely beneficial. The trick is to take it slow! But you’re already on your way with the dvd’s, elliptical, and running – you’re doing great!

      • Thanks! I did try out the gym a few times when I was in college (we were forced to pay for a gym membership in our tuition), but I could just never get into a habit of going… I was ok if I went with other people, but I always chickened out when I tried to go on my own. I would make it to the parking lot and then be like… “Wow, it looks busy” and then go back to my dorm. haha I am just a chicken in a person suit!

  2. YOU GO & YOU ROCK – true inspiration and motivation!!! I am trying to hit the gym 3 to 4 days a week and it is hard, especially when life gets in the way. Have a Great Day & Keep Up the Great Work:)

    • Thank you and you seriously ROCK, too! I am so inspired by everything you’re doing and have done. You are truly amazing!! Thanks for sharing all your “adventures” with the rest of us!!

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