Breaking News: After a 12 Year Disappearance, My Collar Bones Have Been Rediscovered!


Yes, friends and followers, the missing collar bones of one Lara Anderson were discovered last night after she donned a new scoop-neck shirt for a function. The owner of these previously thought to be missing bones is quoted as saying “Wow, where did they come from?!” And indeed, we spent hours into the night searching for the answer, finally discovering an ancient, discolored document. It revealed that the bones had actually been present all along, simply covered by a thick layer of fat, rendering them invisible to the naked eye, or anything else except an x-ray. The subject is understandably overjoyed and hopes to unearth even more previously thought missing bones/structures as she continues her weight loss journey. We’re all pulling for her!


Ok, so that was a bit tongue in cheek but you get the general idea! In addition, tried on a MEDIUM sized sweater and it FITS and put two more items in the garage sale pile. Still about 5 pounds away from the next chunk and although it feels like forever, will get there this month!”

Fit Club” Update:

As many of you know, I joined the “Fit Club” at my gym this week and have completed 2 of the 12 classes this month. The first was very hard but doable, the second not so much. Didn’t have as much energy and endurance as the first one, even after taking a day to recover. Will be calling the gym today to inquire about what and when to eat for tonight’s Core based class. Very important as was super hungry after Wed’s class and ended up eating too much and gaining some weight back. After all this work, want a net LOSS this week of at least 2 pounds – NOT a gain! Will give you the details in tomorrow’s blog from this week’s activities.


I PROMISE not to make this a habit but would appreciate your help if you can. I am the Team Captain “Bring Change 2 Mind” (Glenn Close’s charity) for our local NAMIWalks event at the end of this month. In the 2 years since I last participated in the walk, I’ve lost 75 pounds, cut ALL my meds in half, made huge strides in getting back to healthy functioning, and NAMI has helped in so many ways! But it’s been your support here in the blogsphere that has also kept me going, get up when I’m down, and work my butt off to become a better person in every area of my life. Even a few bucks would help this incredible organization that helps fight the stigma of mental illness every day and provides support to consumers and their families will go a LONG way in helping them keep doing this critical work. So enough said, here’s the link, anything is appreciated!

NAMIWalks 2012 Support Page for Lara


Enjoy this amazing video – perfect for whenever your motivation needs a booster shot, life has handed you a “downer”, or really anytime!



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