An Email Worth A Million Dollars

Seeing What’s Right In Front of Us:

One of the major keys to success in any endeavor is the people who help us along the way. And realizing that sometimes we are getting support that we’re not even aware of from people that we may not know, or know well, or find out that we really didn’t know at all. Find out in a very good way.

I got an email today that floored me – actually 2 of them – and the gratitude and love are simply overwhelming. In the past I’ve let friendships and other important relationships lapse in neglect, not appreciating the incredible people right in front of me, cheering me on in their own ways. Ways that it has taken me awhile to fully appreciate, that I took for granted or simply didn’t see.

Probably the best thing about becoming serious about both my emotional and physical recovery and health is beginning to see the areas of social neglect – not calling close friends, cancelling out on activities at the last minute, not taking an interest in the lives of the people who matter most. I feel like absolute crap about that but am doing something about it. Starting to call or email loved ones and friends regularly, arranging social activities, telling them how special they are and how much I care about them.

Lesson Learned/Learning:

Being a great spouse, family member, and friend is probably the most important honor in our lives. Money, success, fame, all those come and go. Telling the people that matter how much you care, all the time because they won’t get tired of hearing it, that’s what lasts. And though some of these people will come and go in our lives, the impact they make stays with us.

Getting more emotionally stable, losing weight, writing, all of those things have been incredible. The fruits of working on and improving relationships, that has been precious. Thank all of you who have stuck by me in this blog. Maybe you only read it once in awhile, or leave a comment or two, but I am seriously thankful you’re out there. Sending all of you love and gratitude.



2 thoughts on “An Email Worth A Million Dollars

  1. you have just showed me the exact way I have to follow. I really appreciate you for writing this because it has helped to accomplish my goals. I have not yet accomplished them, but it has help to some extent. In the mean time check out my blog for a detailed information about obesity and weight loss and other aspects too. My blog is related to health and fitness. I hope the information there would be useful for you.

    • I am honored that you found some helpful substance in the post, some information that will help you in your life and reaching your goals. That’s what this is all about, supporting, informing, and being there for each other so we can all grow! Will definitely check out your blog and would love to share ideas. The more we can get out there of quality info, advice, suggestions, etc. the more we and everyone reading our work will get out of it. Thanks again and great to meet you!

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